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My Big Hearted Weekend

You know you’re at the right conference when the first person you meet (when asked the ubiquitous “So, what do you do?” question) answers “I combine fashion with spirituality to create ethical clothing based on the 7 chakras”.

Oh, I think I’m gonna like it here!!!

The Big Hearted Business (BHB) conference was actually promoted as an (un)conference, and rightly so. There were no suits, no sandwichs and definitely no soul sucking presentations.

Instead, queue morning meditations; group singalongs; yoga piss-takes to Eye of the Tiger; the most delicious nutritious organic vegetarian fare made in a no-waste kitchen by one of Australia’s most radical sustainability entrepreneurs, Joost; and regular dance breaks to - what became the theme of the weekend -  Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.

All topped off with talks from inspiring, whip-smart creatives who are living proof you CAN make good art that changes the world and get paid in the process, thank you very much.

But wait up - my big hearted weekend actually began on Friday morning.

You see, I flew down to Melbourne for the conference on my birthday.

Whilst I was in the air, my birthday Pay What You Can sale began. When I landed in Melbourne, I arrived to a phone overflowing with birthday messages from the most gorgeous friends a girl could ever hope for, an inbox full of meditones orders from my incredible comrades, and a heart fit to burst with gratitude.

Thanks to you guys - I’ve been able to give a joyful donation to the Wesley Hospital as a small token of my appreciation for their superb care of my sister.

So you would think that by the time I hit BHB, my heart would be full.

Brrrp. WRONG.

My expectations were smashed and my capacity for joy soared!

BHB was created as a legacy project by Clare Bowditch. There aren’t enough good adjectives in my lexicon to describe this incredible woman so I’ll simply say this.

Clare Bowditch is a consummate professional with a heart of gold.

She held the attention of a room full of 500 people, yet made it seem like you were just hanging out in her loungeroom. She is quick-witted and bloody funny. And that voice! Oh my, that voice.

But of course, every conference needs a highlight. And mine was meeting Danielle LaPorte.

I’ve been a fan since I discovered her site original site White Hot Truth (now simply Danielle LaPorte) and have been consistently blown away by her innovation, her creativity and her potent delivery of all things business & spirituality. If you haven’t done her Desire Map - you need to get onto that IMMEDIATELY!

As soon as she stood on stage, she commanded the room. Her die-hard fans were glowing like embers and those who hadn’t heard of her before - quickly lit up as soon as she began to speak.

There is something about Danielle’s presence that makes you, not just fall in love with her, but fall in love with yourself too.

Seeing someone stand in their authentic power is the biggest turn on! Tweet: Seeing someone stand in their authentic power is the biggest turn on! - via @ituderevolution http://ctt.ec/O26yZ+  <- tweet that shit, yo!

The hours flew by and all too soon it was over. But I know it’s just the beginning. I’ve met kindred spirits who I know will be friends forever. I feel supported by Life and by synchronicity.

And the last little proof of that? Was what happened as soon as I touched down again in Brisbane.

Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ started playing over the plane’s radio.

So you see - I’ve got an inferno inside me now. There is so much in me that wants to give give GIVE. And it’s all coming your way comrades!!!

Look out world…

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Feeling Fulfilled: When Desire Takes Over

Feeling Fulfilled: When Desire Takes Over ~ The Attitude Revolution

It’s hard to believe it was only one year ago when I sat down with Danielle LaPorte’s revolutionary Desire Map.

Back then I nailed my five ‘Core Desired Feelings’ as Wholehearted, Vital, Insightful, Lupine, and Wildly Sensuous.

These words plastered my studio, were scribbled in journals, and became the source of a wonderful Pinterest board.

I navigated most of the year using these feelings as my compass. I tried my hardest to align my actions with them so I was moving from my core.

But it is with a heavy heart that I admit my ego took centre stage.

You may have read my deep dark secret in my interview with Naomi Goodlet last week. If not, in a nutshell, the end of 2013 was governed by fear, pressure and overwhelm.

The year was then eclipsed by a break up with my partner of 12 years. Overtaken as I was by heartbreak and pain, I was also fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly wise and loving friends and family.

Their advice for getting through the day?

Do the things that make you feel good.

This was my time to really walk my talk. To put into practice everything I’ve been preaching for the last two years. Gratitude, presence, feeling ALL the feelings.

I realised the the things that made me feel good were the simple, mindful pleasures in life.

Meditating, composing music, journaling, reading Tarot cards, spending time with people who love me, being in nature, yoga. For the first few weeks, this was about all I could manage.

Now that I’ve recalibrated, I am EVEN MORE COMMITTED to the phenomenal power of desire.

As DLP herself says,

‘Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have’.

Core Desired Feelings are not the fleeting emotions that erupt through your central nervous system umpteen times a minute. These are the enduring moods that you crave. The feelings that you settle into and make you feel like home.

Now, I know Buddha said that the root of all suffering is desire. And I’m certainly not advocating for ignoring painful feelings or repressing negative emotions. As my shero Brené Brown says - ‘You can’t selectively numb’.


However, I’ve found that when I put feeling good at the top of my to-do list - life flows so much better. I’m more resilient, I’m kinder, more present and fun. I have energy, inspiration, and connection. I eat better, sleep better and do better.

My 2014 Core Desired Feelings

I’ll be honest. I didn’t do the full Desire Map process this time around.

I let words come to me.

At first I thought my CDF’s were: Honour, Communion, Quality, and Wildly Sensuous.

However - a powerful process during a mastermind retreat with my soul sisters was to throw all of this into disarray.

At the end of The Desire Map, there are a few questions to help you really drill down into the best representative word. But it’s not a huge part of the book. Not really a big deal.

However, when used with a friend - it is a game changer!

These questions are:

What does your CDF sound like? What does it smell like? Look like? Feel like? What is your CDF really all about?

Each of us on the retreat got to spend hours downloading our Core Desired Feelings. We would close our eyes and just talk in streaming consciousness as my beautifully gifted friend Emma wrote everything down tirelessly.

Immediately it became apparent when words didn’t sit right or even fit at all. You know your Core Desired Feeling isn’t ‘Honour’ when it smells like boot polish!

So what came out of this approach?

Three glorious Core Desired Feelings that feel like a sigh of bliss.


Mine are:

Wildly Sensuous

What’s been really fascinating to see - especially as I create visual sumptuousness via the Pinterest boards (click each word to view) - is that each feeling seems to be distilled from my original five.

There is a blurring of sensations that somehow seemed honed with just one word. Feelings of Vital + Insightful often = Zen. Feelings of Lupine are easily absorbed by Samadhi.

What is this Samadhi, you ask?

Well - this is where the process became REALLY interesting.

For me, Samadhi began as a bodily sensation. An almost indescribable feeling. I had no word for it, I only knew how it felt.

So I asked my sisters for guidance. And as I described this feeling of ecstatic power and presence, my girl Carly said “It sounds like Samadhi - the sanskrit word for highest consciousness”.


That was it.

When I googled Samadhi - I found a page by Sri Chinmoy and this was the first thing I read…

Above the toil of life my soul is a bird of fire winging the Infinite.

Nailed. It.

And to give you a glimpse into the deep process we went into to ensure that Samadhi was indeed what I really wanted to feel - here it is:

Samadhi Sounds Like

• Music • Wolves howling • Wind in the trees • Waterfalls • People cheering • Laughter • Crackling of the flame

Samadhi Smells Like

• Freshness • Joy • Sensual pleasure • Groundedness • Not earthy - woody • Rainforest • Fresh water • Warm sensual tones • Ylang ylang • Cinnamon • Vanilla • Bergamot

Samadhi Looks Like

• A shooting star • A comet • An arrow • Focus • Fire - but more like a candle • Steady flame • Full moon • Standing tall - really tall • Silent presence • A really tall woman with a staff in one hand and a wolf by her side - you can feel her power from just one look

Samadhi Feels Like

• Powerful • Energised • Grounded • Straight • Tall • Forward momentum

Samadhi Is Really About

• Everything + Nothing

How I generate Samadhi

The fabulous thing about Core Desired Feelings is that they feel so familiar that it doesn’t take much to generate them.

There’s really no need for grandiose overhauls or transformations.

For me - generating Samadhi is as simple as inhaling ylang ylang oil, meditating, composing new music or spending time with my soul sisters.


I am overjoyed to announce that so far this year - this is how I’m navigating my days. By honouring my Core Desired Feelings and moving from the heart.

And hot diggity daffodil - it feels goooood.


6 Self Development Sites That Don’t Suck

Growth and transformation are hot topics around here. Sure they might be cliché but damn if they don’t make life wonderful.

What aren’t clichéd though are the approaches of these 6 amazing sites. Each of them have a unique and powerful perspective when it comes to mindset, spirituality, self development and, you know - generally enjoying life.

Karen Salmansohn

Karen’s been creating beautifully designed quotes waaaay before Tumblr came along. By combining her considerable talent for creative design with her knack for playful and profound life-changing tips, she’s been described as ‘Deepak Chopra meets Carrie Bradshaw’.  She calls it ‘self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help’.

Danielle LaPorte

Hot diggity daffodil, DLP is the golden child of kick-ass spirituality. She tells the truth so sexy and potent - her words are like a sucker punch of inspirational wisdom delivered right to your limbic system. Even ancient, age-old topics are delivered in a way that makes you holler ‘Right onnnn, sister!’. Get your hands on The Desire Map immediately! (affiliate link)

The Fluent Self

Buttmonster colouring in books… A duck named Selma… Gwishes, clews and destuckification… Havi Brooks is as cryptic as she is compelling. Full of metaphors and made up words, Havi holds amazing space and creates really cool products for when you need clarity, motivation or need to chill the hell out.

Wild Sister Magazine

Jen is the most colourful, positive hippie I know. But this ain’t a tie-dyed love fest with no substance. Jen walks her talk. She’s been through darkness but knows that a commitment to joy is vital for a life of awesomeness… and damn, if she doesn’t just inspire women all around the world to live theirs. Join the Wild Sisterhood this week for a discounted 12 months of wildness (affiliate link).

Tara Mohr

What can I say about the sublime Tara Mohr? Her signature program - Playing Big - was life changing. It reconnected me to my music practice, and for that I will be forever grateful. She is skilful, compassionate and grounded; she amplifies women’s voices all over the world; her wisdom and poetry… divine. Fill up your cup on her earthy, practical blog.

The Daily Love

Mastin Kipp is a regular tweeter of zippy, uplifting tweets and the caretaker of TDL . He writes and teaches about the most powerful force in life (love, dadoi) and has phenomenal guest writers all offering sage advice for relationships, self love, and self mastery. Everything always comes back to love. It’s as simple as it is profound.



What’s your favourite self development site? Share over on the Facebook page!


Revolutionary Review: The Desire Map

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2013.

As so many of us take this time to set New Year resolutions, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to review a program that will turn your goal setting process inside out.

Because I know that you want to a) achieve your goals and resolutions and b) feel damn fine whilst you’re doing it.

Remember, I’ll never recommend something I haven’t enjoyed. Because if something is a drag, I won’t finish it (my life’s too short) and you don’t need to read about it (your life’s too short). The reviews have the same simple format each time – What it is. Why I love it. Why you need it.

What it is:

Desire Mapping is a process of understanding the drivers of your behaviour; how you want to feel when you accomplish something; your “goals with soul”.

The Desire Map isn’t just a physical book (although the book itself is gorgeous and embossed. EMBOSSED!)

The Desire Map an online multimedia program that is the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen in terms of content and design.

There’s interactive worksheets so you can create beautiful posters; there’s audio contemplations, meditations and poems; videos; an audio book; an e-book; a Facebook group; and even playlists of music related to Desire. It goes above and beyond.

And it’s beautifully formed. The combination of sunset colours, white space and sacred geometry is sublime.

Here are my 5 Core Desired Feelings that I discovered during the process of Desire Mapping. This poster was created using the Desire Map app. I also made a Pinterest board to help capture how I want to express those Core Desired Feelings…

Why I love it:

I want to tweet every second sentence. At the end of each paragraph I want to jump up and scream Holla! at the top of my lungs and pump my fist in the air.

Every word, quote and poem within is a life-affirming YES.

When I say it is the Tactical Mood Transformer* on crack, I’m not being facetious. I’m serious. The Desire Map takes a concept that I learned whilst working as Personal Trainer (ie everyone wants to feel good and that’s the basis of their goal) and expands it with a sonic boom.

And I don’t mean that in an egotistical “I totally could have written The Desire Map” kind of way. I mean it in the way like when I hear a piece of music and think “Yes, that’s exactly how I would have composed it” even when the producer is a thousand times more professional than my ilk.

It’s synchronous and comforting. It’s exciting and humbling.

* The Tactical Mood Transformer is a little ebook you can get for FREE by signing up for updates in the box on the right.

Why you need it:

So you can crack open your authentic, delicious, unadulterated desires and feel good. So you can have inspiration on tap, motivation on speed dial, and live your deeply grounded truth.

The Desire Map has self knowledge at it’s core and when you understand exactly how you want to feel and align your actions with it – amazing, divine, jaw-droppingly exciting things happen.

Make no mistake, this process will change your life.

Go now and check out The Desire Map.

What do you most want to feel in 2013? What do you want to stop doing? Have you done your New Year’s resolutions already? I’d love to know. Share in the comments below.

{Full disclosure – the links contained in this review are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and decide to purchase the book I get a small percentage of the sale – thus helping me to continue running this site.}

12 websites to help you do a 180 to your best self

Even though the internets is full of information, it’s sometimes hard to hear the signal in the noise. To find the data you’re really looking for.

Seeing as I’m a bit of a geek, I thought I’d help you out by distilling some data for you. It’s conveniently chunked into The Attitude Revolution categories for you, so you can easily find what you need. This is all affiliate free, I’m raving about these peeps because I love what they do and I hope you will too. So, without further ado, please to find 12 websites that will help you do a 180 to your best self!


DAMY Health

Amy Layne is the goddess of what I call “recipe remixes”. Every week she reveals new clean, lean recipes that are also often vegan and gluten free.

But this ain’t rabbit food. Oh no. We’re talking delicious sweet treats like Peanut Butter Brownies, or Banana Split “Ice cream” Cake, and my favourite Healthy Chocolate Cake Batter Dip.


Purely Twins

Lori and Michelle are two gorgeous Fitfluential identical twins. They run their own healthy bakery and also share a lot of vegan, high protein, gluten free recipes. These girls have had a few health problems in the past and they share their journey of healing their acne, digestion and eating disorders.

Their old blog, Pure2Raw has a phenomenal list of recipes like Raw Mini Triple Chocolate “Cream” Cake, but they still do recipes on their new site like Sweet Potato Butter & Flatbread.


The Wellness Warrior

Being diagnosed with cancer didn’t stop Jessica Ainscough from living her life of awesomeness. In fact, she did a 180 on her stressful, magazine-writing, champagne-guzzling, Lean-Cuisine-eating lifestyle and healed herself. Now she shares her incredible journey of healing, along with info about alternative therapies, amazing books & products, and interviews with healthy foodies.

Check out her incredible book “Make Peace with your Plate” and if you sign up for her newsletter, you get a free green smoothie recipe book. They look weird but lemme tell ya – green smoothies are the shiz!



The Daily Love

Feel good fuzzies don’t have to be cheesy. Let’s face it. Love, fierce love, (like the love we talk about here at The Attitude Revolution), has the power to change lives. Mastin Kipp knows that too, so he and esteemed guests share pearls, stories and strategies on how to face love and serve your highest potential. Every day. Winners like “Eat this and claim joy” & “Want success? Learn to love your weirdness”. Yesssss.


Gabi Bernstein

The author of “Spirit Junkie – A radical road to self love + miracles” and “Add more -ing to your life – A hip guide to happiness”, Gabi is a glowing testimony to the revolutionary power of love and joy. She writes, speaks and vlogs about tapping into your inner truth and happiness, and she does so from a place of authentic experience.



Awakening your soul never sounded so good when you listen to Navjit Kandola’s soothing and profound guided meditations. Her Monday Mindfulness series is sublime with strategies such as “A way to end Heartbreak” and “A moment for myself in silence”. No whale sounds, no chanting, just you being guided to your inner truth.



Danielle LaPorte

She describes herself as kick-ass spirituality and combines seemingly paradoxical concepts (like love & cash) into scintillating nuggets of wisdom. Danielle is an authentic, no BS, firestarter. Her book, The Firestarter Sessions (check it out in the Revolutionary Resources section) is a practical no-nonsense guide to “creating success on your own terms”.

Over at her digital temple (don’t call it a blog!) you can read her jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring words like she’s your personal cheerleader. Pom-poms for the soul like “Are you hanging on by a thread”.
Oh and be sure to check out her “Credo for making it happen” video. Like, every day.


Tiny Buddha

Although Tiny Buddha was founded by Lori Deschene, the site is really a conglomerate of contributions by the community at large. (Can you tell I love alliteration?!) The topics are plentiful but the central theme is ‘ancient wisdom for modern times’ and really boils down to how to live a grounded, compassionate, joyful life.

Because each writer is sharing their own experience, the stories are relatable and the advice non-preachy. My faves include “When to rest or push harder” and “8 tips to celebrate your growth“.


Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is one clever & chilled out dude. Originally a blog about productivity, his site is now dedicated to how to live a life of awesomeness through healthy habits, minimalism and peace. Leo has a wonderful way of breaking down seemingly insurmountable or complex tasks into simple daily routines of mastery. My all time favourite post of his is all about self love. Read why it affects everything and then browse through his other insightful messages, like “The Pause upon which all else relies” and “The Compact Guide to creating a Fitness Habit”.



The Great Fitness Experiment

Charlotte Andersen blends insightful personal experience with the latest science on nutrition, fitness and wellbeing. Her book “The Great Fitness Experiment – One Year of Trying Everything” and her own popular site of the same name is pretty much what it sounds like. She takes the latest fitness fads, workouts and nutrition advice and tests them on herself and her “gym buddies” with interesting results and hilarious overshares. Also check out her fitness routines like this MMA training plan on Shape.com


Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina are the darlings of fitness. Beautiful, inspiring and fun. They have over 200 YouTube videos and the majority of them are workouts. Yes, free workouts that you don’t need a lot of equipment to do like the Mali Booty workout and Under The Sea. Win!

If you still wanna workout but the internets are down (the horror), they also have the Beach Babe DVD which contains 7 different workouts including a yoga routine.


Zuzana Light

If the thought of running for hours on a treadmill bores you to tears, then you need to HIIT it. That’s High Intensity Interval Training and Zuzana is the queen of HIIT (and hearts).

Every week she uploads a new ZWOW (Zuzana’s Workout of the Week) for you to try. But be warned. Her workouts look simple (usually only a few moves and all bodyweight), and they’re short, but they pack a punch. They’re intense. High Intense. Like this one.


What about you? What sites have helped you that you wanna rave about? Share them in the comments.