Meditones are the most transformational tool you’ll ever use.




Meditones directly stimulate relaxed neural activity. As you listen to them, your brain is rewiring itself for positive change. Effortlessly.


And when you change your brain? You change your mind.


And when you change your mind? Anything is possible.


Common Side Effects


♥ Instant stress relief

♥ Blissful, refreshing slumber

♥ Powerful personal growth

♥ Energy and resilience

♥ Inspired creativity

♥ Clarity and focus

♥ Recovery from addictive patterns




Meditones are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide our brains into effortless relaxation and deep meditation. Science boffins call them ‘binaural beats’. But all you need to remember is that they make meditating quick and easy.


Sound too good to be true?   It’s not. There’s heaps of science to back it up.


And NO. It’s not cheating. Just like a dumbbell is a tool to help you build stronger muscles, meditones are a tool to help you build stronger neural pathways that are calm and relaxed.


All you have to do is grab your headphones and be instantly transported to Rancho Relaxo.


Want to experience meditones for yourself? Check out this video.


Extra Tidbits


Over-the-ear headphones are highly recommended for the highest quality experience. Here are some of my favourite headphones.


All tracks are composed, performed, recorded and produced by moi - Tahlee (yes, that’s my voice you hear) - unless otherwise specified.


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{Please note, meditones stimulate neural activity so aren’t safe for anyone with epilepsy or seizures. They’re kind of like an aural strobe light, except more peaceful and calming. Unless you have epilepsy.}


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