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Revolutionary Review: Such Different Eats

Each Revolutionary Review is always from the heart! I’ll never recommend something I haven’t enjoyed. Because if something is a drag, I won’t finish it (my life’s too short) and you don’t need to read about it (your life’s too short).

Revolutionary Review: Such Different Eats ~ The Attitude Revolution

Remember that time I made a raw snickers slice and frothed about it all over Instagram?

Well that delicious recipe was care of Tara Bliss and chef hubby, Glen Farmer.

Now they’ve knocked heads to knock up even more crazy delish (and nutrish) recipes.

What it is:

Such Different Eats is a collection of nourishing recipes chock full to the brim of nutrients and flavour!

Why I love it:

Glen and Tara have created great looking and great tasting food that is great for you. They’ve shied away from labelling it with any specific diet descriptions - and instead just used real food in creative ways.

I love this because as you know - I don’t believe there is one diet to suit us all. It’s about eating the foods that bring you joy and nourish you - body, mind and spirit.

There’s a few recipes that call for fermented foods which I’ve always wanted to try my hand at creating. These recipes aren’t daunting at all - they’re easy to follow and are great for gut healing.

Plus - it is chock full of dessert recipes that are nutritious!!! As someone who is trying to quit sugar, this is most excellent news. Double Choc Jaffa Cake anyone?

Why you need it:

Um - dadoi. To shove all their fabulous creations into your cake hole.

Get your copy of Such Different Eats here.

You’re welcome.

{Full disclosure – the links contained in this review are affiliate links which means I get showered in raw chocolate and bling for my pimpmobile}

Revolutionary Review: Daring Greatly


I’ve been so inspired by Brené Brown’s work, I decided it was high time to share with you why.

A bunch of you have probably seen her TED talk on shame and vulnerability. And you may have even seen her on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

{If you haven’t, please click here immediately to watch a free streaming episode (I’ll wait) because Oprah loved her insights SO MUCH that she invited her back to do another episode straight after!}

How amazing is she?!! Her book Daring Greatly really opened my eyes to how much shame has been a part of my identity. Breaking free from the feelings of unworthiness and building shame resilience is a huge part of my healing.

What it is:

An insightful and practical guide to living authentically, wholeheartedly and courageously, based on Brené’s twelve years of research.

Daring Greatly shows you why vulnerability is a powerful and vital component of human connection. It helps you understand why vulnerability does not equal weakness, and that when you embrace imperfection - you can live your life of awesomeness. As Brene says “vulnerability is at the heart of courage, compassion and creativity”.

There’s also a lot on how to recognise shame and how to build ‘shame resilience’ when you get triggered by feelings of unworthiness. Powerful stuff.

Why I love it:

It’s based in science but is so accessible. Brené doesn’t rely on statistics to make her point, rather she engages with powerful and transformational stories from her years of research.

Why you need it:

If you (like me) identify as a shame based person, this book is an eye opener. See, guilt says “I did something bad”. Shame says “I am bad”. There is a WORLD of difference between these two concepts and shame is highly correlated with eating disorders.

When you do a 180 on shame, your world is opened up to possibility.

So if you’d like to release the total drag that shame holds over your life, and pick up some tools to build the confidence to be vulnerable, open and authentic - please get yourself a copy ASAP!

{Full disclosure – the links contained in this review are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and decide to purchase, I get some thank you money. There is no pressure to use these links to purchase the book.}


Revolutionary Review: The Don’t Go Hungry Diet

I’m a total book monster. I devour documentaries. And I love to gab about stuff I love.

So I decided that from time to time I would do reviews on books / films that I believe will help you live your life of awesomeness.

Bear in mind, I’ll never recommend something I haven’t enjoyed. Because if something is a drag, I won’t finish it (my life’s too short) and you don’t need to read about it (your life’s too short).

I’ll follow the same format each time - What it is. Why I love it. Why you need it.

Today’s Revolutionary Resource is … The Don’t Go Hungry Diet by Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis

What it is

Well, I’ll tell you what it’s not. It’s not a diet. You know how I feel about that word!!! What it is, is an artful blend of science and intuitive eating.

Why I love it

Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis is an internationally renowned molecular scientist with a PhD from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Her groundbreaking research into weight regulation has been published in many prestigious science journals - so she knows her shiz!

She helps you

  • understand why plateaus in weight loss are a good thing (and how you can use them to your advantage)
  • learn how to tune into hunger + satiety clues so you get to eat amounts + at times that are right for you
  • put it into practice with clear guidelines + some yummy recipes

Why you need it

It’s practical, easy to understand + will help you get in touch with your body in a revolutionary way. If you’ve really struggled with yo-yo dieting, hate rigid rules + want to find a sustainable way to eat that’s right for you (and let your body settle at a natural weight that feels good) - this book is a winner!

{Full disclosure - the links contained in this book review are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link + decide to purchase the book I get a small percentage of the sale - thus helping me to continue running this site. Of course, you can find this book elsewhere if you prefer.}

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