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Tahleevision: May, oh May

Oh May. You have been my favourite month to date.

You’re usually a good one, being my birth month at all. But this year you pulled all the stops out.

From getting to meet Danielle LaPorte to connecting with kindred spirits; from birthday sales that led to charity donations to another meditones album launch.

May - you’ve been stellar.

And so have all the things I’ve read, seen and heard. Here - let me share them with you.

  • Sara Landeta paints the most delicate images of birds on unfolded pharmaceutical boxes. So beautiful.
  • These slightly more accurate names for yoga poses are hilarious
  • Want to be happier? Of course you do. Science can help. Here’s how
  • A nut bar recipe that’s healthy, tasty AND sustainable? Yes, please
  • CATable promises to get your cat off your laptop and into your desk. *melting*

Love this unexpected rendition of Jolene!




Ephemeral and oh, so beautiful.

Tahleevision: April, come she will…

So a few weeks ago, I rocked the microphone at a fundraiser for The Naked Gardiner Foundation. Guess how much we raised? Guess? You’ll never guess.


Unreal stuff.

I had the utmost privilege of holding an entire room of 200 people in silence as we practised mindfulness. It was magic. Pure magic.

And once again, very recently, I’ve been struck by the importance of mindfulness in every day life. You see I’ve got a perforated ear drum. It’s exactly as painful as it sounds, however, I’m still able to do a lot of things. I’m not immobilised.

Yet there are times I feel super sorry for myself and catch ‘victim mentality’ creeping in. Worrying, thinking ‘poor me’, and generally future tripping.

But being present has nothing to do with being Little Pollyanna Toffee Pants (so sweet and happy it gives you a toothache) all the time. It’s about resting and softening into each moment - regardless of what’s actually happening.

Incredibly simple. Profoundly difficult. Sumptuously worth it.

  • Did you know that if it wasn’t for this marvellous action from your brain, you’d be hallucinating all the time. True story.
  • Plants communicate with each other. Via sound!!!
  • Sick of white knuckling it when it comes to changing painful food habits? No need - here’s a better way.
  • How do you really, truly connect to yourself? Mah girl Carly dives into her Pockets of Peace Manifesto to show you how.

Talk about body accpetance! Mannequins based on real people for once.

It never occurred to me to do this with a hula hoop. Give it a minute. Then it’s absolutely breathtaking!

My musical shero, Imogen Heap, made wearable gloves that manipulate visuals and music. The result is pure magic.


Tahleevision: Moving In March

The Life of a Travelling Musician

Things have been a little quiet on the ol’ bloggy-blog as life behind the scenes has been HEC.TIC.

A few of you may remember the moving house sale I had a few weeks ago. Well the move has finally happened. To say it’s been challenging would be an understatement. I’d love to say I handled it all with grace and aplomb, but I’m pretty sure my relatives would laugh out loud if I described myself in that way.

Impatience, frustration and plain ol’ depletion reared their ugly heads. I dropped the ball on my meditation practices quite a few times. I even caught sight of the Inner Critics more than I would have liked.

And that’s ok.

Emotions can be full on but we need the whole spectrum of them to really live life to the full. Emotions that are repressed always come out in other, unhealthier ways.

I’ve been triggered many times over the last few weeks, and as much as possible I try to let the emotions ricochet through me and then centre back in. I’m a work in progress.

Speaking of the emotional spectrum - Spectrum (the anti-work course) will be starting up again in a few weeks. To claim dibs on info as soon as it’s released - head over to the Spectrum page to register your interest on the mailing list.

And without further ado - here are the things that have floated my boat in between packing boxes…

  • Guess which famous designer shaved her head to protest inaction on climate change?
  • Need an answer to one of life’s big questions? Here’s a flowchart to help you find your answer :)


So simple, yet so clever. Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli


This absolutely cracked me up!


Stunning. Just stunning.


Tahleevision: Far Out February!

Even though it’s the shortest month of the year, February has been packed full of fun, adventure, connections and lessons.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature, which is really floating my boat, and I’ve been involved in some pretty special projects.

The 21 Day Meditation Project - Sign up and get 21 guided meditations (including a meditones track from me) for free free FREE!

Make Art Monday - A weekly creativity practice that includes a very special meditones track I created exclusively for Jo. Go! Get your art on!

Plus there’s been a helluva lotta cool shit on the interwebs. Check it out y’all!

♦ Could this elderly woman and her cat get any cuter?

♦ Nicola Chatham beautifully showcases the gifts of a new perspective

♦ I wonder what photos from a broken polaroid look like?

♦ Mah girl Helen Thomas jams with Connie Chapman about Intuitive Wellness

♦ An incredibly moving (and totally relatable) story from Melissa Sandon - I am fat.

♦ Are you in a transition right now? Avoid these 3 mistakes for a waaay easier time.

♦ Rivendell from Lord of The Rings constructed entirely out of Lego

♦ Yeah yeah, successful people do things differently and you should too. But in this list? Tara Mohr totally get’s it right!

♦ Here’s what ads would look like with diverse bodies

♦ Are you a word nerd too? How cool is this article about how colours got their names!

♦ This is the best article about living in the moment I’ve ever read!

♦ I want to eat ALL of these desserts. Eye candy + cake = winning.

♦ Every emotion is felt in the same place in the body by everybody. This map proves it. Mind blown.

♦ Are you interested in fighting climate change? Join 1 million women. I certainly have :)

♦ The genius behind Calvin & Hobbes (mah fave cartoon EVER) once gave some excellent advice to creatives. His speech been captured in this gorgeous cartoon. Meta.

♦ Need more proof meditation can change your life? Meditation has transformed the roughest schools in San Fransisco.

♦ Is sugar the new nicotine? A bunch of scientists say YES!

♦ Make your world more sparkly with these 3 tips

♦ This divorced woman was sickened by the idea of a mortgage. What she did next was brilliant!

♦ Absolutely dreamy images of a rural Russian farm complete with adorable children and lovely animals.

♦ I opened up about a deep dark secret in this In Deep interview with Naomi Goodlet

♦ A beautiful invitation to treat your body like a temple

♦ The Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine has great articles and writers (*cough cough*) ;)

♦ Scared of being alone? Turn scared into sacred with the sublime Susannah Conway’s new course - The Sacred Alone.

Need more encouragement on how to be alone? Watch this.


Do yourself a favour, set aside 90 mins and learn the bitter truth about sugar


Goats playing. Nuff said!


Tahleevision: Oh Hai 2014! Nice To Meet You

So 2014. I’m excited to see what you have in store for me. I’ll be honest. Last year wasn’t my favourite, but when I woke up on your first morning - I must admit, I felt lighter and brighter than I have in ages.

If what I’ve discovered inside of my spirit + on the interwebs this month is any indication, then 2014 - I think I’m gonna like you.

I adore the new Pockets of Peace manifesto.
Profound word + luscious design = winning!
Above is an excerpt, but you can get a whole gorgeous print right here.

♦ Ever wondered how you can sustain a loving relationship for the long haul? Sounds True have created a free video series on Deepening Intimacy.

♦ Ehmehgerd, Zerntengerl. *ahem* Zentangle is that pretty patterned meditative drawing you’ve been seeing pop up all over Pinterest.

♦ Change doesn’t just happen in the mind. It happens in the body too. Then it’s mind-body transformation.

♦ I was devo to hear that Hayayo Miyazaki (the genius behind Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away etc) never got to make his version of this beloved children’s book

♦ Ever run a marathon? How about running 365 of them?

♦ A powerful photo series that requires total vulnerability

♦ And while vulnerability is scary, it’s a vital component of connection. So tell people you love them!

♦ Forget crop circles - these things are even cooler. Pun definitely intended!

♦ Ephemeral art is the theme of the month. These beach patterns are gorgeous too!

♦ Half in, half out of drag. Just fabulous!

♦ Any time you feel like you’re not good enough? Here are 7 things to remember.

♦ Chuffed to be reviewed by Rachel from In Spaces Between. She said such nice things she made me tear up.

♦ Profoundly inspiring take on mindset. This book just shot to the top of my ‘to read’ list.

♦ If you ever doubt your intuition - read this.

“The truest answer is the first whisper and the first feeling. Our spirit is efficient and honest.”

♦ Hold on to your insides - this review made me cry with laughter.

♦ 21 pictures that aren’t what you think. And they’ll blow your mind.

♦ I want to go to here. Did you hear that Universe? Here!

♦ A change of mind. Or heart. One of those organs. The Bloggess does whimsy like a BOSS!

♦ Letting go of judging people is difficult but makes life so much happier. Here’s how to start.

♦ Recognising that you are not your emotions is so powerful.

♦ Did you see Jessica Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior making a healthy breakfast on The Morning Show? No? Here’s the vid.

♦ If you care about old growth forests and our precious Tasmania wilderness - please to sign this petition.

♦ Great inspo for logging off and enjoying the great outdoors. Maybe

♦ Brisbabes at The Blogcademy. I’m in a polka-dot top. Can you spy me?


One of my goals for this year is quitting sugar. This brilliant animation explains why it can be so addictive.


This makes me want to bust out my old aerobic gear, so badly!


The Simpsons tribute my favourite animator - Hayayo Miyazaki (see above)