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Harnessing Energy - Part One

Harnessing Energy - Using the chakras to harness positive emotional energy ~ The Attitude Revolution

Welcome to the first in a four part series on how to get more energy.

Coz I know I want more of it and it seems like a lot of my comrades do too.

Because more energy + less anxiety = unstoppable you!

First up - emotional energy.

Emotions are potent. They can make you feel like you could run all night or they can make you feel like the ground is an anchor weighing you down, down, down.

The trick to harnessing emotional energy is to focus your mind on cultivating the emotions you want to feel. You can do this through the ancient symbols of chakras.

Chakras are energetic wheels that correlate  to certain areas of the body and to specific emotions.

You can use chakras as an intentional guide to harness the energy of different emotions.

Chakra Emotion Balanced Energy
Base Safety Grounded, secure, present
Sacral Zest Creative, sensual, playful
Solar Plexus Empowered Self worth, willpower, healthy boundaries
Heart Love Kind, loving, compassionate
Throat Expression Truthful, expressive, confident
Third Eye Insightful Epiphanies, wisdom, insight
Crown Connection Unity, vision, spiritual

Simply by guiding your focus through the use of visualisation, affirmations or energetic modalities such as reiki or kinesiology - you can clear and balance your emotional energy as they relate to the chakras.

So - say you want to feel more grounded.

Bring your attention to the base of your spine. Breathe deeply. Imagine the bodily sensation of feeling calm and secure. Repeat the mantra ‘I am safely protected’. Use the power of your imagination and your intentions to flow the energy of being grounded throughout your body. Enjoy the sensation of calm.

It’s that simple.

Your mind is a powerful tool, so use it to your advantage!


The Spectrum album was composed using the 7 chakras as inpsiration. Each track in the album has been crafted to enhance the emotion related to each particular chakra.

Keep an eye out next week - because I’m having a chakra blitz.

On June 16, I’ll be releasing one track per day from the Spectrum album.

If you want to focus on a particular chakra, you’ll be able to purchase the specific track you want.

Each track will only be on sale for 24 hours, so mark the sale in your calendar!

Chakra Calendar ~ The Attitude Revolution

Which chakra would you choose to focus on? What feeling do you most want to cultivate? Got a favourite affirmation? Share your thoughts over on the Facebook page, comrade!


The Antidote To Overwhelm

So last week you would have received your free goal setting worksheet. Yes?

So you know that feeling good is the precursor to action. Yes yes?


I know this to be true for sure.

You see - at the beginning of the year, I was supposed to be launching Spectrum - a course to teach amazing trailblazers how to get more resilience to achieve their big bold life vision. It was going to be based on the spectrum of emotions related to the chakras.

It was to be the antidote to overwhelm…

But a month earlier I had gone through a painful break up. At the time, I was about to throw in the towel. Heartbroken and overwhelmed, I didn’t think it was right for me to create Spectrum any more. It seemed completely counterintuitive. I just wanted to fade away.

Instead, my dear brother gave me excellent advice for getting through the tough times.

Focus on what makes you feel good.

So I did.

And I laughed at the irony of really being tested to walk my talk ;)

I used the exact process that I gave you in the goal setting worksheet and did simple, feel-good activities every day.

And guess what one of those activities was?

Writing music.

I have endless energy for music. It’s a life-affirming, time-flying, zone-of-genius rush.

I poured my heart, soul, time and life energy into creating the music for Spectrum.

And it became a lighthouse for me during my healing process. A genuinely sacred feedback loop.

So many of the tracks felt ‘channeled’. Like the music was being written through me.

In January I had the distinct honour and pleasure to lead a small and committed group of women through the Spectrum course.

And now?

I’m making the music from the Spectrum course available in the shop.

There’s 2.5 hours of meditones music in one album.

9 tracks in total. One for each of the seven chakras; one epic integration of all seven chakras; plus a bonus guided visualisation. Each track has been created with heart, integrity and intelligence.

If you’re interested in going on an incredible journey, one that will take you through a Spectrum of emotions; that will help you connect to your body and your chakras; that truly is the antidote to overwhelm…

Then I humbly invite you to take a peek at Spectrum - The Album.

With so much gratitude,


PS - I’m so excited to share this with you, I’ve even got a little sale on for the next week. You’ll get $50 off if you purchase in the next 7 days.


My Big Hearted Weekend

You know you’re at the right conference when the first person you meet (when asked the ubiquitous “So, what do you do?” question) answers “I combine fashion with spirituality to create ethical clothing based on the 7 chakras”.

Oh, I think I’m gonna like it here!!!

The Big Hearted Business (BHB) conference was actually promoted as an (un)conference, and rightly so. There were no suits, no sandwichs and definitely no soul sucking presentations.

Instead, queue morning meditations; group singalongs; yoga piss-takes to Eye of the Tiger; the most delicious nutritious organic vegetarian fare made in a no-waste kitchen by one of Australia’s most radical sustainability entrepreneurs, Joost; and regular dance breaks to - what became the theme of the weekend -  Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.

All topped off with talks from inspiring, whip-smart creatives who are living proof you CAN make good art that changes the world and get paid in the process, thank you very much.

But wait up - my big hearted weekend actually began on Friday morning.

You see, I flew down to Melbourne for the conference on my birthday.

Whilst I was in the air, my birthday Pay What You Can sale began. When I landed in Melbourne, I arrived to a phone overflowing with birthday messages from the most gorgeous friends a girl could ever hope for, an inbox full of meditones orders from my incredible comrades, and a heart fit to burst with gratitude.

Thanks to you guys - I’ve been able to give a joyful donation to the Wesley Hospital as a small token of my appreciation for their superb care of my sister.

So you would think that by the time I hit BHB, my heart would be full.

Brrrp. WRONG.

My expectations were smashed and my capacity for joy soared!

BHB was created as a legacy project by Clare Bowditch. There aren’t enough good adjectives in my lexicon to describe this incredible woman so I’ll simply say this.

Clare Bowditch is a consummate professional with a heart of gold.

She held the attention of a room full of 500 people, yet made it seem like you were just hanging out in her loungeroom. She is quick-witted and bloody funny. And that voice! Oh my, that voice.

But of course, every conference needs a highlight. And mine was meeting Danielle LaPorte.

I’ve been a fan since I discovered her site original site White Hot Truth (now simply Danielle LaPorte) and have been consistently blown away by her innovation, her creativity and her potent delivery of all things business & spirituality. If you haven’t done her Desire Map - you need to get onto that IMMEDIATELY!

As soon as she stood on stage, she commanded the room. Her die-hard fans were glowing like embers and those who hadn’t heard of her before - quickly lit up as soon as she began to speak.

There is something about Danielle’s presence that makes you, not just fall in love with her, but fall in love with yourself too.

Seeing someone stand in their authentic power is the biggest turn on! Tweet: Seeing someone stand in their authentic power is the biggest turn on! - via @ituderevolution  <- tweet that shit, yo!

The hours flew by and all too soon it was over. But I know it’s just the beginning. I’ve met kindred spirits who I know will be friends forever. I feel supported by Life and by synchronicity.

And the last little proof of that? Was what happened as soon as I touched down again in Brisbane.

Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ started playing over the plane’s radio.

So you see - I’ve got an inferno inside me now. There is so much in me that wants to give give GIVE. And it’s all coming your way comrades!!!

Look out world…

{PS - Wanna see MORE photos? Follow me on instagram - @attituderevolution. Plenty more action over there}


The Psychosomatics of Peace

Look. You’re busy.

I get it.

And you’re getting cranky at all those peeps on your news feed bragging about meditation (including this one).

Because sometimes you genuinely don’t have time. Sometimes you wonder if it does anything at all.

So I made something for you.

This isn’t some boring rant about the statistics of how important meditation is. You know all that stuff anyway.

This track is poetry.

Designed to remind you of the magic that is your brain. How incredible your central nervous system is.

And poetry?

It cuts through the bullshit.

It brings you back to center, like a hummingbird to nectar.

And beauty is vital for reconnection.

So whilst the track has no meditones, it gives you that 2 min recharge of ‘ahhhh, that’s better’.

No need to lie down on the couch, close your eyes, sit in lotus, or even put on headphones. Just hit play and peace out.

Available in the shop now!

For the next 24 hours, receive a free copy of Ways to Let Go (another peace poem) when you order Psychosomatics of Peace.


Who Do You Think You Are?!

So you struggle with self worth?

How dare you!

How dare you think that you are anything less than a cataclysmic miracle!

Do you know how long it took you to get here?!

Don’t you know that you are the result of the love and strength and resilience of BILLIONS?!

Do you really think that 2.5 million years of human evolution would breed a mistake? You’re here, so you cannot possibly be flawed.

Your existence PROVES your worth. Tweet: Your existence PROVES your worth. ~ @ituderevolution

Look at your hands. There are 27 bones in there alone. 2,500 nerve endings just in the tip of your little finger.

Your heart will beat on average 2.5 billion times in your lifetime.

85 billion neurons generate lightning in your brain.

Still struggling because of pain? Congratulations - you’re human just like the rest of us.

Revel in it. Dance with the heartbreak. Soar on the wings of grief because it means you’re alive.

And if you’re alive?

You are full of infinite potential, unlimited in possibility and unimagined genius.

You were born worthy. So start acting like it.