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Happy Birthday to YOU!

So today is mah birthday yo. (Why, thank you. I WILL have many happy returns).

But instead of asking for presents this year, I’m taking on the hobbit tradition of giving gifts to others. (It’s a thing - read Lord Of The Rings!)

Firstly - I want to give you something to say thank you for being in my life and for all your support. I seriously couldn’t do this without you. The Attitude Revolution would have been buried a long time ago without your continual support.

So thank you from the depths of my heart!

Your gift? Paying what you can for anything in the meditones shop all day today!

Secondly - I’ll be donating 10% of all funds raised in the next 24 hours to the Wesley Hospital.

You see, my sister has been there for the last few weeks and I am beyond grateful for the work of all the nurses and doctors who have given her superb care.

So if you’ve been considering getting into meditones, or expanding your collection - here’s your chance.

Without further ado - I invite you to Pay What You Can for anything in the meditones shop. Go nuts!

NB: I know my tribe ain’t stingy, but as I’m raising funds for charity, I’ve put a minimum price on each product. It’s a Pay What You Can sale - not a free-for-all ;)


Blogcademy Entry

Blogcademy is a fabulous 2 day workshop held in venues all over the world by globe trotting headmistresses Gala Darling, Shauna Haider (aka Nubby Twiglet), and Kat Williams (aka Rock’n’Roll Bride).

These fabulous superstars of the blogosphere are heading to little ol’ Brisvegas (my hometown) and I want in on the action.

Hence, this blog post is a completely self absorbed, willfully unhelpful post designed to get my sticky mits on a scholarship (Woo! Free stuff!) My apologies - regular programming will resume next week.

In the meantime, please to enjoy my video (best viewed as full screen).

So sit back, put your feet up, your headphones on and be transported into a delightfully hypnotic trance of generosity ;)

PS - Like the track playing in the background? Get the full track here



I am so excited to bust out this big, beautiful dream o’ mine. Can’t you tell?

Seriously you guys, this one has been in the works for years - so I am a pretty proud pumpkin right now.

I’m also grateful grapefruit.

Because no dream comes to fruition (haha) without a little help from your friends.

So I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my partner for supporting ALL of my crazy ideas (all. of. them); my soul sister Dani from Organically Beautiful; my soulpreneur tribe who support me and show me what’s possible - Jess AinscoughTara BlissYvette LucianoAlana Scheikowski, Susana Frioni, Rachel Macdonald and Kate Byrne.

And of course - thank YOU. Yes you, my fabulous comrade. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I love our community!

Without further ado - click over to the Work With Me page to learn all about Attitude Coaching.

With a massive battlecry of love and a deep bow of gratitude,




10 rules for weight obsession loss


That’s it. I’ve had enough of intelligent, beautiful, masterful women and men getting duped by the diet industry.

People who would normally make very rational decisions, making the most outrageously illogical choices when it comes to their body and health, all in the name of weight loss. Sound familiar?

Well, it’s time to flip the bird to the diet industry. Here are 10 principles for you to lose the weight obsession and gain your life back:

1. Stop comparing

Stop it. Immediately. Stop comparing yourself to others (especially celebrities). Stop comparing your present self to your past self. Accept and embrace all of who you are in this moment.

2. Go on a media diet

The only diet that will ever bring you joy is a media diet. If you are constantly surrounded by unrealistic ideals of beauty that are enhanced by lighting, professional make-up, stacked genetics and then photoshopped to oblivion - of course you’re going to feel shit about yourself. Get rid of the magazines.

3. Ditch the diet industry

Every single product they have ever sold you (and ever will) is a sham! Keep your hard earned cash and spend it on something that will bring you actual happiness - a dance class, a meditation course, a holiday.

4. Get radicalised

Hell, get angry. Get outraged that these industries continually send you messages that you aren’t good enough in order to sell you false hope packaged as a solution. How dare they profit from your misery!

5. Ignore the siren call

How seductive is the promise of possibility? It’s estimated the diet industry is worth over $60 billion in the US alone. So they have a VERY keen interest in keeping you addicted to the idea that this next product or plan will be THE ONE. Despite the fact all the other products and plans have failed you. Yes, they failed you. Not the other way around. Remember that the next time you go to grab the next celebrity-endorsed-rapid-fat-loss-pill.

6. Accept the facts

The holy trinity of lasting weight loss are eating real food, exercising and rest. Of course, there are infinite individual approaches to that foundation - so find what works for you. Aside from specific illnesses that contribute to weight gain, these are the only 3 components to be concerned about. Everything else is white noise.

7. Throw away your scales

Scales can only give you information about your body’s mass (or your body in relation to gravity). It doesn’t tell you whether you can easily sprint for the bus, how long you can play with your children for, if your job gives you meaning and purpose, how kind and resilient you are, the number of loving relationships in your life, or how much fun you have laughing til your belly aches with your best friend. Measure those metrics instead.

8. Lose the “last 5 kilos”mentality

Have you ever noticed whenever you lose weight, it’s never enough? Plastered over nearly every health and fitness or women’s magazine are the words “Lose the last 5 kilos”. This mentality keeps you perpetually stuck in the diet cycle.

9. Be patient, consistent and kind

These three things will allow your body to settle into it’s natural weight and bring you untold happiness in the process. Every second you spend at war with your body is a second wasted. Choose fierce self love and extreme self care above all else.

10. Replace the obsession

Now that you’ve seamlessly integrated health and wellbeing into your life - what will you do with all that time, energy and cash you used to spend on obsessing over your weight? Find a cause worthy of your time and energy. This world desperately needs intelligent, caring, brilliant people like you to solve it’s multiple crises.

Do you know someone who could benefit from losing the weight loss obsession? Share these 10 rules with them. You could be doing them a huge favour.

UPDATE: You can have this blog post as an inspirational wall post - forever! Beautiful posters are now available. Printed on lovely stock and delivered straight to your door. Check out the Attitude Revolution store.


Your opportunity to win FREE health coaching



As a Personal Trainer, I saw a BIG gap in the health and fitness industry. No-one seemed to be addressing the shame, guilt and body hate that I saw so many people try and motivate themselves with.

Women striving to be skinny, men smashing themselves to be huge. People assuming body perfection would bring love and confidence. People filled with a deep longing for a healthier, happier life and yet, so miserable in the process.

Everyone addressed physical health, but no-one was talking about mental health or emotional wellbeing.

That’s why I started The Attitude Revolution. Because I’ve personally experienced and seen clients revolutionise their health and happiness when they began integrating self love into their lives. In fact, that was my favourite part about being a Personal Trainer. Witnessing someone change their mind about their body.

And sometimes changing your mind is really hard to do. Sometimes you need someone to hold a space for you, to help nurture you until you can nurture yourself, to help you connect to your truth so you can make the best choices.

So I’m starting an online Attitude Revolution coaching practice!

But before I launch, I need your help. I want to make sure coaching packages are super useful for YOU, my lovely revolutionaries.  I want the practice to evolve and improve based on what you want.

So, if you’re interested in getting FREE coaching for one month in exchange for robust feedback, it will help me design a coaching practice that serves the Attitude Revolution community in the best possible way.

Topics for coaching could include emotional eating, exercise motivation, or self love. Anything around your body or attitude that you’re feeling “stuck” with…

This coaching is for you if you:

  • Want a caring, empathetic coach
  • Want someone who will help you uncover and connect to your truth about what’s best for you
  • Are willing to try a variety of tools such as visualisation, meditation, journaling etc that help get the rational mind out of the way so you can understand your subconscious behaviour
  • Want someone who will nurture and support you through the change process so you can adopt more loving habits
  • Are willing to actively participate in the process
  • Are comfortable offering plenty of feedback

This might not be for you if you:

  • Are looking for an expert or guru to give you the answers about what you should do
  • Aren’t willing to take responsibility for things within your control (like behaviour, actions, reactions etc)

So if all of this is stirring up a “Hell Yeah!” response, here’s whatcha gotta do.

Leave a comment below and let me know what topic you want to do a 180 on in 2013. {Click here to go to the website}

I’ll then draw 5 people at random for FREE coaching! You’ve got a week to get your submissions in before I email the winners.

Do you have a friend that struggles with self love? Share this post with them. It could help them do a 180 towards health and happiness.