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Your Unique Vibration

Your Unique Vibration ~ The Attitude Revolution

A gorgeous comrade contacted me recently with the following question…

“Ever since buying your meditones and falling head over heels in love with them, I’ve been fascinated by the concepts of vibrations, brain waves etc. Are there any books or sites you can recommend to learn more about these things?”

Yes. Yes I can.

Mine. ;)

Come with me and dive into the most fascinating biology lesson ever!

Your Brain 101


The two major components that make up your brain are neurotransmitters and brain waves.

Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that allow your neurons (brain cells) to communicate with one another.

This chemical communication is what causes each neuron to fire off an electrical charge. These electrical impulses create waves of consciousness ie brain waves.

So your brain communicates with alchemy and vibrations!

Just like sound waves, your brain produces rhythmical pulses that are measured in Hertz; and different speeds, produce different results.

There are four major categories of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta.

You always produce all four main brain wave types. But it’s when a particular brain wave is dominant that it influences what kind of state you’re in.

There are also four major neurotransmitters that correlate to each brain wave type: dopamine, acetylcholine, GABA & serotonin.

Let me explain…


Beta Brain Waves


Beta waves are important for staying alert and focused. They vibrate between 14-30 Hertz, and they’re produced by the neurotransmitter dopamine.

When you’re concentrating hard, being active or learning something new - you’re helped along by dominant Beta brain waves. But when you’re panicking and full of anxiety - Beta waves are taking over.

Alpha Brain Waves


Alpha waves help you stay chilled out and imaginative. They vibrate between 8-13 Hertz, and they’re produced by the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

When you’re daydreaming, relaxed or drowsy - Alpha brain waves are your dominant state. But too many alpha waves makes it difficult to concentrate.

Theta Brain Waves


Theta waves are dominant during deep meditation and REM sleep (ie when you’re dreaming). They vibrate between 4-7 Hertz, and they’re produced by the neurotransmitter GABA.

When you’re deeply calm and intuitive, or laying down long term memories  - Theta waves are influencing you. Unfortunately, an excess of Theta waves has been linked to ADD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Delta Brain Waves


Delta waves are dominant during restorative, dreamless sleep. They vibrate between 0.1 - 3 Hertz and are produced by the neurotransmitter serotonin.

They help you rest deeply and heal (Human Growth Hormone is also produced during Delta sleep).

Some people have experienced ecstatic states of bliss during meditation as they access Delta states consciously (something quite difficult to achieve without meditones). But similar to Theta, an excess of Delta brain waves can cause slow wave brain disorders, like ADD and depression.


So you can see that no one neurotransmitter or brain wave type is better than the other. You need all four for different reasons. It’s when your brain waves or brain chemistry is out of balance that things go awry.

Your unique combination of brain waves and brain chemistry is what makes you YOU.

It’s as individual as your fingerprint.

Your character, your personality, your “strengths” and “weaknesses” are all encoded in your unique vibration. - click to tweet


My Best Book Recommendations

Have I sparked your interest in neuroscience? Gosh, I hope so. I find it endlessly fascinating.

Here are my top reads for easily digested, interesting info about your brain.

The Brain That Changes Itself


Years ago, scientists believed that you were born with a finite number of neurons that just died off as you aged. Now they now that the brain maintains itself right up until the moment of death. The new science of ‘neuroplasticity’ proves that it’s never too late to change anything!

The Edge Effect


The best book I’ve read on understanding how chemical imbalances lead to illness. Filled with great info and in depth questionnaires, you can then learn how to create your ultimate brain through supplements and nutrition. Personally, I would skip the suggestions on drugs and hormone replacements unless you’re working extremely closely with a trusted holistic doctor.

My Stroke Of Insight


When I first heard Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED talk, I cried. Her story is inspirational, moving and a true testimony to the power of neuroplasticity. A wonderful, personal story of a neuroscientist not only surviving stroke, but thriving.


Got any geeky book recommendations for me? Did you find this post helpful?

Jump on over to the Facebook page and let me know, comrade!


Sharing The Love

Phew! After a hectic week last week I thought I’d jump in and let you know a few things I’m loving at the moment. It’s all about sisterhood, collaboration and playing big!

1. Alana Wimmer

Did you love #chakraweek as much as I did? Were you totally digging on all those beautiful images?

Chakra Calendar ~ The Attitude RevolutionInstant Insight - Third Eye Chakra Meditation ~ The Attitude RevolutionShark Week Chakra Week

Well they were made by my gorgeous soul sister - Alana Wimmer.

Sharing The Love - Alana Wimmer ~ The Attitude Revolution

She is an incredible designer and the Queen of eBooks! If you’re ever looking for someone to take your rad idea to fab eBook - Alana is your woman!

2. Devotion To Self

Devotion to Self.

I’m proud as punch to be a contributor and ambassador for this stunning new course by Jen Saunders from Wild Sisterhood.

Learn how to integrate self love and self care as a sacred practice in your own life.

Learn more and join up here!

3. Playing Big

Sharing The Love - Playing Big by Tara Mohr ~ The Attitude Revolution

I pretty much credit Tara Mohr as the catalyst for reconnecting me with my music practice. Her course, Playing Big was so transformative, I barely have the words to convey my gratitude.

Now Tara has compiled all her wisdom from this course into a new book to help more women all around the world step up and play bigger. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Get your hands on a pre-order copy of Playing Big right now!

4. Soul Sister Circle

Sharing The Love - Soul Sister Circle ~ The Attitude Revolution

Klee Photography captured the night perfectly

Speaking of soul sisters, I’ve written before about how a group of women is one of the most powerful things you can surround yourself with. Community is soooo incredibly vital.

So I was stoked to travel with Alana and connect with even more incredible women at the first Soul Sister Circle by the gorgeous Bec Van Leeuwen.

It was a night of deep release, sweet connection and soulful purpose.

Feast your eyes on all the glory with more beautiful photos by Klee Photography.

Plus Soul Sister Circle is on Facebook. Join us? We’d love to have you.



Harnessing Energy - Part One

Harnessing Energy - Using the chakras to harness positive emotional energy ~ The Attitude Revolution

Welcome to the first in a four part series on how to get more energy.

Coz I know I want more of it and it seems like a lot of my comrades do too.

Because more energy + less anxiety = unstoppable you!

First up - emotional energy.

Emotions are potent. They can make you feel like you could run all night or they can make you feel like the ground is an anchor weighing you down, down, down.

The trick to harnessing emotional energy is to focus your mind on cultivating the emotions you want to feel. You can do this through the ancient symbols of chakras.

Chakras are energetic wheels that correlate  to certain areas of the body and to specific emotions.

You can use chakras as an intentional guide to harness the energy of different emotions.

Chakra Emotion Balanced Energy
Base Safety Grounded, secure, present
Sacral Zest Creative, sensual, playful
Solar Plexus Empowered Self worth, willpower, healthy boundaries
Heart Love Kind, loving, compassionate
Throat Expression Truthful, expressive, confident
Third Eye Insightful Epiphanies, wisdom, insight
Crown Connection Unity, vision, spiritual

Simply by guiding your focus through the use of visualisation, affirmations or energetic modalities such as reiki or kinesiology - you can clear and balance your emotional energy as they relate to the chakras.

So - say you want to feel more grounded.

Bring your attention to the base of your spine. Breathe deeply. Imagine the bodily sensation of feeling calm and secure. Repeat the mantra ‘I am safely protected’. Use the power of your imagination and your intentions to flow the energy of being grounded throughout your body. Enjoy the sensation of calm.

It’s that simple.

Your mind is a powerful tool, so use it to your advantage!


The Spectrum album was composed using the 7 chakras as inpsiration. Each track in the album has been crafted to enhance the emotion related to each particular chakra.

Keep an eye out next week - because I’m having a chakra blitz.

On June 16, I’ll be releasing one track per day from the Spectrum album.

If you want to focus on a particular chakra, you’ll be able to purchase the specific track you want.

Each track will only be on sale for 24 hours, so mark the sale in your calendar!

Chakra Calendar ~ The Attitude Revolution

Which chakra would you choose to focus on? What feeling do you most want to cultivate? Got a favourite affirmation? Share your thoughts over on the Facebook page, comrade!


Got Tummy Troubles? 3 Quick Fix Solutions

Got Tummy Troubles? 3 Quick Fix Solutions ~ The Attitude Revolution

Digestive disorders are never fun. But thankfully, there’s help at hand.

Getting smacked down with food poisoning recently, inspired me to share some of my favourite tummy tamers with you.

1. Slippery Elm Powder

Got Tummy Troubles? 3 Quick Fixes ~  The Attitude RevolutionAlthough it tastes like beige, SEP is my go to fix for a sore tummy. It’s great for combating bloating and for soothing cramps. There isn’t any kind of tummy trouble that can’t be tamed by Slippery Elm.

2. Peppermint Tea


You know how after dinner mints are a thing? There’s a very good reason for that. Peppermint improves digestion and helps relieve bloating, gas and the gurgles. *ahem*

Sip slowly for the best relief.

3. Magnesium Supplements

Got Tummy Troubles? 3 Quick Fixes ~  The Attitude Revolution

It may seem like an odd choice, but because magnesium improves the flow of kinetic energy between cells, it’s great for relieving muscle spasms.


In addition to these 3 quick fix solutions - pay attention to how you feel after you eat certain foods. Gluten and dairy intolerance are the main culprits, however, fructose, eggs and nuts can also be big contenders.


What about you? What are your favourite tummy tamers? Share over on the Facebook page - it’s where all the cool kids hang. Apparently ;)


Tahleevision: May, oh May

Oh May. You have been my favourite month to date.

You’re usually a good one, being my birth month at all. But this year you pulled all the stops out.

From getting to meet Danielle LaPorte to connecting with kindred spirits; from birthday sales that led to charity donations to another meditones album launch.

May - you’ve been stellar.

And so have all the things I’ve read, seen and heard. Here - let me share them with you.

  • Sara Landeta paints the most delicate images of birds on unfolded pharmaceutical boxes. So beautiful.
  • These slightly more accurate names for yoga poses are hilarious
  • Want to be happier? Of course you do. Science can help. Here’s how
  • A nut bar recipe that’s healthy, tasty AND sustainable? Yes, please
  • CATable promises to get your cat off your laptop and into your desk. *melting*

Love this unexpected rendition of Jolene!




Ephemeral and oh, so beautiful.