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Radical Renegade: Joan Baez

{Radical Renegade is a monthly segment that celebrates fabulous comrades making a difference in our world.}

Have you heard of Joan Baez?


How about Bob Dylan?



It saddens me to think that this incredible woman who is not only an accomplished musician, but also a wonderful human rights activist, has lived in the shadows of other more popular artists.

Joan was dubbed as the Queen of Folk years before Bob came on the scene, she actually assisted his music to become prominent, and they were also a couple for a while.

Joan befriended Martin Luther King and participated in many civil rights demonstrations; was a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War; and was instrumental in founding the USA section of Amnesty International in the 1970s.

“I went to jail for 11 days for disturbing the peace; I was trying to disturb the war.”

Joan Baez, 1967 Pop Chronicles interview

More recently she’s been an advocate for gay rights, opposed the war in Iraq, and also performed at a concert for Occupy Wall Street.

So today I want to celebrate her contribution to both these worthy causes: peaceful music + peaceful planet.

Although not written by her, We Shall Overcome was a civil rights anthem tied to her


This one gives me goosebumps!


Check out the preview to an outstanding documentary of her life


Wanna see the whole doco? I highly recommend How Sweet The Sound DVD!


Radical Renegade: Carly Stephan {Pockets of Peace}

{Radical Renegade is a monthly segment that celebrates fabulous comrades making a difference in our world.}

I first met the delightful and whip-smart Carly Stephan at A Night Of Stillness. Since then we’ve become wonderful friends.

There’s lots of things I love about Carly, but it’s her commitment to peace that really drew me in.

Not only does she cultivate her own inner peace on a daily basis, she is also bringing peace to vulnerable communities across the globe through her work as an International Development Practitioner for the Centre for Social Change. Plus she writes about her experiences, struggles and insights on a beautiful blog - Pockets of Peace.

Carly is one of those people that just radiates love and peace in a way that makes you want more of what she’s got.  Dive in and hear the incredible nuggets of wisdom that she shares with me.

{Photo by Bayleigh Vedelago}

Radical Renegades - Dr Libby Weaver

Moi and Dr Libby (isn't she dreamy?)

Moi and Dr Libby (isn’t she dreamy?)

There are so many fantastic renegades in the world doing wonderful, fantabulous things.

And if you’re anything like me, YOU want to know about them.

Welcome to a new segment on The Attitude Revolution where I tell you all about these great women and men.

First on the list? Dr Libby Weaver. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her last week as she gave a presentation on the ‘A - Z of Women’s Health’. It was inspiring and empowering - just the kind of thing I love.

And whilst I furiously jotted down notes and simultaneously wanted to tweet every second sentence - there was a stand out quote for me.

“Energy is a better marker of health than any number on the scale” - click to tweet

See what I mean?! Meet Dr Libby.

What She’s Famous For

Dr Libby is an expert in Holistic Nutrition. She has a PhD in biochemistry; is the published author of four books - Accidentally Overweight, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, The Real Food Chef, and her latest, Beauty from the Inside Out; and has appeared on countless TV shows and in magazines all around Australia and New Zealand.

Why She’s The Best Thing Since Raw Cake Pops

She’s whip smart and super inspirational. Dr Libby knows that education isn’t the only factor needed to break you out of your unhealthy patterns and into a life brimming with vitality. You need to feel lit up! Bam!

Plus she makes science accessible (without dumbing it down) and she has the kind of energy I just want to bottle.

Why You Should Be Fawning All Over Her Too

If you’ve struggled to understand the complex reasons why you have trouble losing weight; if you want to know more about the miracle that is your body; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to do list; if you’re looking for answers; if you want to get your hands on densely nutritious and delicious recipes; if you want boundless energy and clear beautiful skin (hint: they’re totally related) - than Dr Libby is perfect for you.


You can get your little mits on her books, participate in her courses, and book in to see her live around Oz and NZ on her website.

And of course, follow her on Facebook & Twitter.

Know someone who needs to know about Dr Libby? Share this post with them and revel in their gratitude.