Affirmation Amplifier


You know when you go to a friend with a problem, and they try and give you some well meaning advice?

Or you’re searching for a solution and ‘Yahoo answer’s’ just ain’t cutting it?

Maybe you’ve even gone analogue and picked up a book to seek your answers, but it’s full of all that pithy drivel you’ve heard before about “Trust in the universe” and “Follow your bliss” which is all FINE but it’s not really helping you NOW?!


Because sometimes you need reassurance that everything you are, do and have is ok.

Sometimes you need your mojo back.

Sometimes you need to reaffirm all that is true for you - without someone else’s opinion muddying the already confused waters of your mind.

Sometimes you need that incessant critical inner monologue to shut the hell up thank you very much.

Sometimes you want to land on that Yep. Nailed it!‘ feeling - without having to wake up your bestie at 3 am for a pep talk.

Sometimes you need all of the above and you need it now.

Well you can.

All at the push of a button.


Introducing the ‘Affirmation Amplifier‘: a combination of YOUR most powerful affirmations fused with MY (pretty awesome if I do say so myself) music.

Here’s how it works…

We hook up on Skype and spend a few minutes discussing “the issue”. Present day. What’s keeping you stuck. A block you just wanna bust through.

Then, we go deep. I guide you into an intuitive, individualised, imaginative journey. Your poor overworked analytical mind has a break while your subconscious mind comes out to play.

This is where the magic happens. This is where you discover your truth that’s gonna give you better answers than any friend or book.

Laser sharp clarity.

Boundless motivation.

Affirmations that remind you of who you really are.

And they’re made of your words, your vernacular, your syntax.

These affirmations will be the most resonant, the most powerful, and most familiar to you.

Like a roadmap…a lighthouse…a compass… Guiding you back home to yourself.


I then take your kick-ass mantras and record them over the top of the track ‘Allied Forces’ (preview here) which includes meditones  - a sonic hack that makes meditation effortless.

That’s right.

You get a bespoke, personalised meditation track.

Wholly, uniquely yours.

How awesome is that?!

Motivation and inspiration at the push of a button - instead of having to wait until someone else is available

And each time you use your personalised meditones track?

You’ll be hearing your affirmations. You’ll be rewiring your subconscious patterns. You’ll be effortlessly shifting your ‘stuff’, making it easier to move through life with less hassle.

And really - isn’t that what we’re all after. A lot less hassle?



You get…

  • A one hour Skype consultation to discover your very own powerful affirmations

  • A personalised recording of your affirmations over the track ‘Allied Forces’

  • A follow up email one week later to check in on how you’re going


+ Releasing the grip of disordered eating
+ Waaaaay less anxiety and blissful sensations of peace
+ Re-igniting the spark of inspiration for a creative project
+ Feeling energized and empowered (so long self doubt!)
+ Ongoing bursts of motivation in your business
+ More headspace for the stuff that matters


+ People who prefer a little more support than an hour will allow. Spectrum may be better suited
+ People who only want to record affirmations they found somewhere else



Email [email protected] for a complimentary email chat to see if the Affirmation Amplifier is right for you. No strings attached.