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“If only there was a way to reach my goals with ease and consistency…”

Love yourself, look after yourself, start living the life you’re called to lead!


  • That on-again-off-again gym routine?
  • Those late night guilty binge sessions?
  • That freaking annoying inertia stopping you from really going after your dreams?

Those roadblocks to your happiness can be overcome, if you have the right framework in place.

A self love framework.

And your training can begin straight away with the Tactical Mood Transformer. It’s a powerful 3 step strategy that will help you discover exactly how you want to feel so you can achieve your health goals with ease and consistency.

Plus, you get a bonus track of meditones - my go-to sonic hack for relieving stress, boosting motivation and deepening meditation - effortlessly. Composed and produced by yours truly!

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“The Tactical Mood Transformer is BRILLIANT!!! It is so easy to use, straightforward and VERY helpful! Thank you so much for sharing it.” - Claire