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Goal Setting Worksheet

You too can be as happy as this mouse as you reach your goals!


Maybe you want to stop scoffing cake after every stressful staff meeting. Maybe you want to do yoga every day. Maybe you want to fulfil that creative dream of starting a blog / business / book.

Whatever your dream, no matter how tiny or daunting, you want to achieve it, yes?

Without all the huff and puff that normally accompanies your accomplishments, yes?

You can.

Feeling good is the precursor to action. <- click to tweet

It’s not new, it’s not revelatory, and it’s not rocket science.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a billion times by lots of other people. In fact Danielle LaPorte wrote a whole book on it (called The Desire Map). Plus, you KNOW in your cells that when you feel good. you do good - naturally.

But how do you maintain that consistency? What are the exact steps you need to take?

Wonder no more.

I’ve created a FREE worksheet for you to create simple steps that will help you achieve your goals, minus the overwhelm.

Download your free worksheet by signing up in the box below.

You’re welcome.

PS - Stay tuned. Next week - a HUGE antidote to overwhelm is coming…


Where Do You Get Your Energy From?


Hands up if you want more? (*hand raised*)

You know there’s a tonne of things that impact your energy. Eating the right food, exercise, meditation, play etc etc.

But hands up if you feel daunted at your lack of motivation to get more energy?

Well, you’re in luck. I’m going to share two very simple solutions to getting your mojo and your energy back. You just need to understand where your energy comes from.

1. Your energy comes from other people = extrovert

2. Your energy comes from time alone = introvert

I think most people have a tendency towards both extroversion and introversion in different situations. However, when you understand where your energy comes from, you can use this awareness to your advantage.

When you’re feeling lonely, bored or “I can’t be bothered”

Where Do You Get Your Energy From? ~ The Attitude Revolution

Source: Kinfolk

Nothing sucks your energy dry when you’ve got a severe case of ennui.

Now is the time to focus on collective activities and gain more energy from the group. Think dinners with friends; a big picnic outdoors; group classes like CrossFit, Groove, aerobics or Barre.

If you’re an entrepreneur or student who’s been spending too much time working or studying alone - organise a group work / study date. You may not get heaps of work done during the few hours you’re with other people, but the renewed vigour you get from spending time with others will motivate you in the days to come.

When you’re feeling drained, trapped or “I gotta get the hell outta here”

No need for a blown gasket, just breathe.

Now is the need for “alone time” to fill your own cup back up with the energy of solitude. Take a long solo run, swim or walk. Put your headphones on and reconnect with meditones. Turn up your favourite tunes and have a one-person dance party in your lounge room. Grab your favourite book and settle in with a cup of tea.

Clear boundaries is really important during this time so that your friends and family know that you need space. Let them know (as lovingly and politely as possible) that you’re not rejecting them, but off to fill up your self love cup. Make it an intentional disconnection in order to recharge. Call it a Ritual Separation rather than just running screaming for the door.

When you show people that this is how you take care of yourself, you give them permission to do the same for themselves.


For example, on Friday night I had a spectacular time at a Sacred Dance Party. 75 women dancing their pants off gave me such great energy! Now I’ve signed up for a 6 week Groove class in Brisbane because I know I’m craving more time with people to balance the huge time I spend alone working.


Over to you. What activities do you do that bring you energy? Head over to the Facebook page and let me know!


No New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

What if, for just this year, you didn’t have ‘weight loss’ as a New Year’s Resolution?

This isn’t about ignoring your health (even though health shouldn’t be your number one priority). It’s about losing the weight loss obsession.

I’ll be honest. Not having a weight loss resolution freaks me out a little. Because there’s a part of me that does want to lose weight.

I’m ignoring that small voice though. Here’s why I think you should too.

What if this year, instead you focused your headspace and energy into taking exquisite care of yourself?

And then…went out and lived your life of awesomeness.

No more half life. No more hiding. It’s time to be full of energy, to feel on top of the world.

I know you’ve got it in you. You’re nurturing, generous, whip-smart and creative. I know you want to make a difference. It’s why you’re here!

Forget the pounds of flesh, forget the crushing anxiety, leave the self loathing at the door.

Step up, and step out into your brilliance. You radiate when you do.

And when you shine like that, people can’t help but be attracted to you and your message.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve taken down my coaching services. I like coaching, but I’m going where my joy is - and that’s music. Music and building community.

That’s why I’m beyond stoked to see the glorious comrades who have already joined me for Spectrum. To learn of their deep desire to serve, to be entrepreneurs, to reach big goals, and to be themselves as they do.

I love their intentions because they mirror mine. I know we’re all in this together, and to be on a journey with these incredible people is going to be epic.

So this year I encourage you to join us too, so you can get the motivation you need to go after your dreams, minus the overwhelm.

Whatever you decide, I hope that you will commit to honouring yourself and your dreams in 2014, without the quest for weight loss.


You Need To Give A Shit About Sustainability


Because planet health = your health.

If you’re interested in having the best health and the best life? (Which I suspect you do if you’ve been hanging around here for any length of time).

Then you need to care about how we use the planet. The viability of our earth and your future depends on it.

And no - I’m not suggesting you ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’. You don’t need to sell all your possessions and go live in a tree.

Sustainability and technology are not mutually exclusive.

You totally can have a life full of nourishing food, electricity, wide open spaces to enjoy & exercise in, the internet, your smartphone and every white good you can poke a stick at.


All those things come at a price - and I don’t mean the dollars you hand over to procure them.

These costs are called ‘externalities’  and our current economic system is geared towards avoiding them and maximizing profit at the expense of people and the planet. This means those externalities are borne by you, me, trees, our clean water supply, clean air, children in the third world, arable land etc etc etc.

Now, it’s getting dire. We are in the critical decade to take strong action towards having a planet that gives you access to the very things you depend on for your survival. For your thriving.

So if you want vibrant health, then you need to step up and start living more sustainably.

Here’s how:

Go Organic

Sure it costs a fraction more, but the health benefits alone are worth it. Not to mention organic farming practices mean that we can continue to use the land more productively for longer. This means more food, people!

There’s pretty much no excuse - you can buy organic produce in most supermarket chains now. But my favourite way? Is to order it online through Home Fresh Organics and get it delivered to my door. How sweet is that?!

Stop Buying Plastic

You remember a few weeks ago I went to Stradbroke Island for a holiday? Take a look at this.

See all that colourful crud all along the tidemark? Plastic.

Get yourself a reusable water bottle so you don’t have to buy a plastic one on the run. Look! This one has inspirational messages inside!

Use your green bags when you go shopping. Or as Tim Minchin pleads: Take Your Canvas Bags.

Try to minimise as much plastic packaging as possible. Did you know you can even get reusable sandwich bags? So cute.

Solar Power

A bit more exy and probably only an option if you own your own home. But if you can afford the installation and you produce more energy than you use? The electricity company sends you a cheque instead of a bill. Winning.

Invest Wisely

Look. When you’re young, you’re not really giving much thought to where your money is invested. What’s that? Don’t have any investments? Think again.

Superannuation is probably going to be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime. Wouldn’t you love to know that your money is supporting ethical businesses?

I personally use Australian Ethical Super. You can even get them to easily roll all your other super accounts into theirs.

Take Political Action

On Sunday, I went to a Climate Action Day. Over 60,000 people across Australia came out in force to demand our politicians take strong action towards climate change by committing to reducing our carbon emissions and retaining the carbon tax.

5,000 people attended GetUp’s Climate Action Day in Brisbane

Even John Butler was there.

97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is real. I know it can be boring and overwhelming - but please don’t bury your head in the sand or listen to any denialist nonsense.

If you want clean water, clean air, freedom from the threat of more extreme weather events, and a planet teeming with biodiversity and life - then make your voice heard. Join movements like GetUp, Avaaz, and Greenpeace. Sign petitions, donate money, march on the streets. Whatever it takes to ensure that our future is beautiful.


Not just our children’s future. Or our children’s children. Ours.

I’m 33 years old and have no offspring. But my future has already been compromised by a lack of action to prevent climate change. You know the Great Barrier Reef? That glorious World Heritage icon that makes Queensland (my home state) so famous? It’ll be gone in my lifetime if we keep on this destructive trajectory.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. These are simple, actionable steps that you can take today to give a shit about sustainability.

What else do you do to ensure our bright future? Let me know over at Facebook - it’s where all the cool kids hang out. Apparently.


Coping Mechanisms That Are No Longer Serving You (and what to do about them)


Ahh Natalie Dee. You said it girl!

“Why do I keep doing that?!” was my catchcry for many years.

I couldn’t understand why I kept doing the things I didn’t want to. The things that were standing in the way of my goals, of my dreams, of my happiness.

Why did I keep eating junk food when I was trying to lose weight? Why did I keep biting my nails even though it hurt? Why did I keep injuring myself when I exercised?

Do any of these sound familiar?

The thing is, all of my actions were coping mechanisms. Sure I didn’t like them - but they actually served a purpose.

They helped me cope with overwhelming anxiety. 

And I didn’t have any other methods to address it.

Luckily, these days I’ve got a bit of an arsenal to help me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not perfect. I haven’t got this epic perspective that means I never reach for a cookie when I’m stressed.

But the more I practice using the ‘good tools’ vs the ‘damaging tools’ - the easier my life is.

Here are my top six coping mechanisms that I’ve used over the years plus some other tools that have helped me to replace them. - click to tweet

Hopefully by shedding some light on them, you’ll be illuminated too :)

Coping Mechanisms That No Longer Serve


This is my top one as food is pretty much my drug of choice. Whenever I feel stressed, tired, happy, nervous, bored, ecstatic etc etc - my reflex is to reach for something to shove in my gob.

Food is everywhere. Think of every single activity we do as a group, and you bet there’s food involved. Parties, weddings, funeral wakes, office morning teas. We bond over sharing a meal. For me food is linked to just about every emotion I can think of.


I used to use exercise as punishment for overeating. And then I’d feel awful and go eat something. Vicious cycle much?

I’ve written before about how overtraining can lead to some pretty damaging outcomes. As a Personal Trainer it helped me a lot to see that part of muscle growth is rest. In fact, muscles don’t grow when you’re working out. They grow as you rest during the days after the workout.

Fingernail Biting

Sometimes I used to sit on my hands to stop myself biting my nails. Sometimes when I was watching TV my partner would pull my hands out of my mouth, only for them to drift back up a few seconds later.

It was mindless auto-pilot fretting in physical form.

Calorie Restriction

At uni, friends and I called them ‘No Food Days’. Problem was, by the end of the day I’d be so famished I’d usually end up going home and bingeing (see point one). When I’d put on weight I’d try to restrict or diet, get hungry and fed up, give up, binge, overtrain, feel fat and awful, try to restrict or diet…

You get the picture.

Obsessively Planning

I’m the queen of lists. When I used to go camping with friends I was the girl scout of the group who always had a torch, a first aid kit, extra toilet paper, extra blankets, etc etc.

And there ain’t nothing wrong with being prepared.

But sometimes when I’m particularly nervous about all the myriad of events happening in my life, I tend to double up on lists. Sometimes triple up. I spend so much time planning all the things I have to do, that I’ve got less time to actually do them.

Looking for trouble

When overwhelm hits I go running around looking for trouble. And I don’t mean trying to get into fisty cuffs. I mean I go searching for other things that I could possibly worry about too. It is a vortex of doom.

I turn specks of dust into molehills and molehills into mountains. I would have anxiety about my anxiety.

*Panic stations everyone.*


So if all these coping mechanisms are borne from anxiety, the tools to replace them are ones that actively address anxiety…

Better Tools That Serve You Completely

Intuitive Eating

IE has been an excellent tool to help me learn how to understand when I’m truly hungry and when I’m feeling ALL the feelings. Because unless you’re physically hungry, food will not be the solution. Otherwise you’re not craving food, you’re craving connection.

If emotional eating is something you really struggle with, this post might also be helpful.

Yoga / Reformer Pilates

Pretty much the antidote to the crazy, high intensity workouts I used to push myself through. (PS I still like to workout hard occasionally, but my intention is much better).

Yoga and Reformer Pilates help me to reconnect to my body in such a joyful way, riding each breath and moving with grace. I feel full of energy and light after a good session.


This has been an excellent tool to help me with fingernail biting. It’s been a difficult habit to break, and one I still sometimes do. But when I practice mindfulness the biting disappears naturally.


Another mind-body practice, Kinesiology again helps me get to the root cause of emotional blocks that are stored in my body. We are such psycho-somatic beings, that often what helps the body helps the mind, and vice versa.

In Brisbane, my favourite Kinesiologist is Melissa Sandon. If you’re elsewhere in the world, ask around for a recommended practitioner.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Take a deep breath right into the bottom of your belly. Now slowly exhale through your mouth.

Feel better already?

It is impossible for you to feel anxious while breathing deeply. By using your diaphragm you’re activating your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) - the one that is on when you’re relaxed. The PNS triggers positive physiological changes such as lower blood pressure and yummy, happy neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.


Dah doi. You knew this one was coming didn’t you? ;)

Meditones helped me as a beginner to access those deep states of bliss everyone was always on about. Now I combine my other meditative practices like mindfulness and pranayama (breathing exercises) whilst using meditones to really enhance my practice.


What about you? What coping mechanisms have you replaced with awesome anxiety-reducing techniques? Let me know over on the Facebook page where lots of discussion happens.

Got a friend with anxiety? Let them know about this post. These tools could really help them out.