Happy Birthday to YOU!

So today is mah birthday yo. (Why, thank you. I WILL have many happy returns).

But instead of asking for presents this year, I’m taking on the hobbit tradition of giving gifts to others. (It’s a thing - read Lord Of The Rings!)

Firstly - I want to give you something to say thank you for being in my life and for all your support. I seriously couldn’t do this without you. The Attitude Revolution would have been buried a long time ago without your continual support.

So thank you from the depths of my heart!

Your gift? Paying what you can for anything in the meditones shop all day today!

Secondly - I’ll be donating 10% of all funds raised in the next 24 hours to the Wesley Hospital.

You see, my sister has been there for the last few weeks and I am beyond grateful for the work of all the nurses and doctors who have given her superb care.

So if you’ve been considering getting into meditones, or expanding your collection - here’s your chance.

Without further ado - I invite you to Pay What You Can for anything in the meditones shop. Go nuts!

NB: I know my tribe ain’t stingy, but as I’m raising funds for charity, I’ve put a minimum price on each product. It’s a Pay What You Can sale - not a free-for-all ;)


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