Tahleevision: April, come she will…

So a few weeks ago, I rocked the microphone at a fundraiser for The Naked Gardiner Foundation. Guess how much we raised? Guess? You’ll never guess.


Unreal stuff.

I had the utmost privilege of holding an entire room of 200 people in silence as we practised mindfulness. It was magic. Pure magic.

And once again, very recently, I’ve been struck by the importance of mindfulness in every day life. You see I’ve got a perforated ear drum. It’s exactly as painful as it sounds, however, I’m still able to do a lot of things. I’m not immobilised.

Yet there are times I feel super sorry for myself and catch ‘victim mentality’ creeping in. Worrying, thinking ‘poor me’, and generally future tripping.

But being present has nothing to do with being Little Pollyanna Toffee Pants (so sweet and happy it gives you a toothache) all the time. It’s about resting and softening into each moment - regardless of what’s actually happening.

Incredibly simple. Profoundly difficult. Sumptuously worth it.

  • Did you know that if it wasn’t for this marvellous action from your brain, you’d be hallucinating all the time. True story.
  • Plants communicate with each other. Via sound!!!
  • Sick of white knuckling it when it comes to changing painful food habits? No need - here’s a better way.
  • How do you really, truly connect to yourself? Mah girl Carly dives into her Pockets of Peace Manifesto to show you how.

Talk about body accpetance! Mannequins based on real people for once.

It never occurred to me to do this with a hula hoop. Give it a minute. Then it’s absolutely breathtaking!

My musical shero, Imogen Heap, made wearable gloves that manipulate visuals and music. The result is pure magic.



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