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Tahleevision: Farewell 2013

Wow. It’s the end of 2013. Can you believe it?!

All I can say is - Farewell to a profoundly challenging year! Thank you to all my fabulous comrades for sharing this incredible journey with me. Cheers to a brilliant 2014. Bring it on!

♦ The sweetest of words contained in love letters between two of American history’s greatest writers

Tho I long for the actual sunlight contact between us I miss you like a home. Shine back honey & think of me.

♦ So excited to see Brené Brown is collaborating with Oprah again to deliver an art journaling e-course based on her book, The Gifts of Imperfection

♦ I still can’t get enough of Jo Klima’s Maps To Herself. Her Mind Mandala is just stunning!

♦ Wise sage Gala Darling admits that It’s Ok If You Don’t Love Yourself

♦ You know multitasking makes you miserable, right?

♦ A hula-hoop that doubles as a washing machine?

♦ A wonderful article from Deepak Chopra on chakras. Highly relevant to Spectrum ;)

♦ Nelson Mandela’s death was a great loss to our world and his legacy will live on for a long time. Here are some of his brilliant quotes.

♦ Mastin Kipp reminds us to stay soft and open - even after you got hurt.

♦ Oooh, a fantastically powerful tip for all the worrywarts (including me!)

♦ Hearing protection never looked so good!

♦ Apparently engineers have a sense of humour.

♦ One of my FAVE community groups, the Environmental Defenders Office, have lost their funding. Can you give a little to keep them running?

♦  How to Stop Making a Big Deal About Your Problems. Nuff said.

♦ Remember The Neverending Story? It’s had a makeover.

Super cute badges for the creative with a fire in their belly!

♦ Realistic company slogans that made me giggle (with a few rude words FYI)

♦ Letting go has been a strong theme for my December. Justine Musk describes why it’s so important.

♦ This little girl has had the wildest childhood!

♦ My girl, Rachelle has launched her new website - My Saturn Epoch. It’s gorg. Check it out.

♦ Colourized x-rays. Even more beautiful than watercolours IMHO.

♦ Have you heard. Wanderlust (the phenomenal yoga & music festival) is coming to Australia!!!

♦ Stunningly modern examples of an ancient Japanese artform from a 92 year old woman

♦ Loving the new EATT magazine - a bimonthly guide to the latest eco products, design, destinations , art and photography.

♦ Dear Santa - Can I please have this Tarot deck?!

♦ Proof that you don’t need a computer to make stunning dream worlds. Just an incredible imagination!

♦ Thoughts create molecular changes to your genes. But you already knew that, didn’t you.

One of my favourite musicians, Bluetech, is about to release a new album. Squeee.


 Brené Brown’s beautiful words about the difference between empathy and sympathy - animated into this adorable video.


The BEST video I’ve ever seen about New Years’ Resolutions. An absolute must see especially if you’re joining us for Spectrum!


I’m overjoyed that Russell Brand has overcome painful addictions and is using his powerful intellect to spread such a positive message.


Tahleevision: Nearly Over November

Tahleevision is a new monthly feature where I round up the best of what I’ve seen, read and heard.

No no. I’m not ‘over’ November. It was an ahmaaaazing month. But can you believe it’s nearly over?

Thanks to the inspiration from the headmistresses of The Blogcademy, I’ve got a few new ideas that I’ll be rolling out over the next few months.

So welcome to the first edition of Tahleevision - where I share with you the best of the interwebs. So much has happened I’m not really sure where to begin. What the hell. Let’s just dive straight in…

♦ Melissa Sandon is an incredible kinesiologist & coach based in my hometown of Brisbane. I’ve adored working with her AND her shiny new digs.

♦  Bjork has always been my kind of weird. This video is beyond awesome.

♦  Know anyone with dyslexia? Well this coffee table book will show you what reading looks like through their eyes with it’s incredible design.

♦  I would love nothing more than to spend the day with Kate Byrne from Betty Means Business. Instead, we did the next best thing…

♦  The first time I heard Active Child sing, I swooned. But his most recent live performance brought tears to my eyes.

♦  Tears were also shed at this touching tribute to Lou Reed from his wife Laurie Anderson.

♦  And for a change of pace, Kurt Vonnegut’s video about the Shape of Stories made me laugh out loud.

♦  You KNOW I love meditation but if you find it hard, here are 11 Easy Ways to Meditate (Even If It Seems Impossible)

♦  What do you get when you combine sacred geometry, animation & hula hooping? (3 of my fave things btw) You get this MIND BLOWING VIDEO!

♦  Disabled and abandoned turtle gets lego wheel prosthetic leg. Nuff said.

♦  They said it was impossible. These women proved them all wrong! Send to all your cyclist friends.

♦  When she pulls off the labels? I totally fist pumped. You’ll be roaring too! (Tad NSFW)

♦  Jen Saunders from Wild Sister Magazine wrote the article that’s been in my head for years.

♦  The Goddess Empowerment Telesummit is chock full of interviews with inspiring women (*cough cough* like me *cough*)

♦ November 19 was World Toilet Day. But you can say ‘thank you’ to your toilet everyday. Here’s a cute reminder.

♦ It’s been raining A LOT in Brisbane recently. And rain is one of my favourite smells in the whole world. Did you know that smell has it’s very own word?

♦  Stark and seductive. This video has it all. Sensuality, connection, music & dance. It’s breathtaking.

Hot men vs cute cats? Hiliarous!

♦ What’s a humpback whale doing in the forest?

♦ Have you seen the stunning new blog about art & spirituality, Maps To Herself? This post about resistance really caught my attention.

♦ What happens when a drunk wife tells her husband a joke? You get adorableness.

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