8 amazing gurus to help you Unleash the Unstoppable Power of You

The Attitude Revolution exists so that you can release unhelpful behaviours around your eating, connect in a positive way to your body and ultimately go live your life of awesomeness. Like in Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, health is a crucial cornerstone of a joyful life. But it’s not all there is. Health is meant to be effortless, not an obsession. Your body is designed to take care of you, so you can be the best you ever.

So for the last few weeks I’ve been listening to one interview a day with some unbelievably cool people on the Unleash the Unstoppable Power of You telesummit created by Saskia Roell. You can still sign up to hear all the interviews, but here are a few (paraphrased) quotes from the people that I really resonated with. People that you can go check out to get a good dose of inspiration, motivation and fired-up-ness from!


Dr Venus Opal Reese

I’d not heard of Venus before and this interview is fantastic. She has a great combo of sass, street-smarts and “real talk”. She teaches people how to unleash their inner badass so they can defy the impossible. Totally related to putting the Inner Critic in the hammock and Internalising Delight.


You can see how you see yourself by the way you talk to yourself when you fail. If you’re critical instead of kind, notice what you say to yourself. That will tell you your self worth.

Positive thinking don’t mean crap if you feel like shit. Don’t visualise yourself as someone sitting on a mountaintop. See yourself as somebody that matters. See yourself as the way you see somebody you love. Think about how you talk to them, how you treat them, how you relate to them. If there is a gap between how you treat them and how you treat you, take 3 of those behaviours and apply it to yourself.

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Ishita Gupta


Another new one for me, I loved Ishita’s take on overcoming fear. In fact she founded and runs a digital magazine called Fear.less



Fear hurts. It’s what is responsible for so much that goes wrong in our lives.

Passion is important. Love is important. And feeling good is the most important. When I’m in a moment of fear, I can’t access my passion or creativity. So I ask myself “How do I want to feel in this moment?” If I want to feel good, what is going to be something that will put me into the realm of feeling good. That can be as simple as having a dance. Dancing around makes me feel so happy and good. Then my fear subsides and I can access my passion, and my creativity. Unless you have something that brings you back to your core every single day, it’s going to be hard on the journey.

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Danielle LaPorte

I’ve sung Danielle’s praises before (so much so, I digitally stock her book The Fire Starter Sessions). Once again she delivers a powerful message. What stood out in this interview was the idea that the easy way is the best way. I think that’s true for health. Whilst perhaps there is effort involved in cooking nutritious meals and exercising your body, when you are connected with love to those methods, it feels easy. And the easy way is sustainable and joyful.

We’re trained to endure, to suck it up, to soldier on, to pay our dues. It’s quite radical for us to consider that maybe “hey, maybe the easy way is the involved way”. I know for myself, when I choose what is easy for me, I’m choosing to do things that come naturally to me. When I’m in the easy zone, I’m happier, I think smarter thoughts, I’m brighter, I’m more generous.

When you’re slogging along, doing things that have a heavy sense of duty or obligation, you’re of less service, especially to yourself.

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Raquel Reyna


This interview was very close to my heart as Raquel is an emotional eating expert. She has healed her own eating disorders and she helps women transform their relationship with food and their bodies. WOO!



Realising that where I was stuck in this eating and this obsession, it was really being stuck in every area of my life. This transformation began as I started to realise that there was so much more to life than the superficial pursuit of having a good body or looking good.

The healing power inside the body is an unstoppable power, it’s our natural state.

I think it’s really important to have a daily regiment of healthy routines. So it’s really important to have something physical (like a superfood smoothie), something in movement (for me it’s yoga), plus something emotional, mental and spiritual that will assist you – for me that’s taking a bubble bath!

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Navjit Kandola

Navjit was one of the original Attitude Revolution gurus, but I heard something I never knew about Navjit in this interview. She talks about a terrible accident that brought about a long and painful healing journey. Even within that pain, Navjit was able to transform her suffering into a lesson for deepening her inner peace.


Pain says you have to be here, you have to pay attention. This is the unglamorous potential story. We don’t think there’s potential in healing, we don’t think there’s potential in pain, we don’t think there’s potential in waiting, we don’t think there’s potential in slowing down. We want to get it done, we want it over now. We think that when we’re all healed, when i’m all healthy, when i’m all superior, that’s when I can give my gift. No. You’re gift is always, any time, any place, any how. Your gift is your consciousness and how you use it.

Here I am in pain, so what can I do for more inner peace. Where am I holding the story of “why me? poor me!” in my body? Then I asked, what colour do you need to release that story. Imagining that colour coming into that place in your body. You’re saying to your body I want to amplify the “I’m healing” story.

Potential is a multi-directional emotion. You can use it, but also you need to feed it. We feed it through meditation, creativity, joy, laughter, a good night’s sleep.

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Ken Coscia

I love being in “Flow” where everything is just going right. Ken teaches the Silva method and helps people discover and apply the practical skills to naturally and easily stay focused, positive and motivated in addition to becoming more creative and get into “Flow”.



The 4 main skills required to live a life of joy are:
1.The ability to leverage your personal energy, so to stay relaxed and calm in spite of it all.
2.To have clearly defined goals, and to stay focused, positive and motivated on them.
3.To free yourself from limiting beliefs or behaviours.
4.Being able to access your creativity and intuition, so you can make wise decisions.

Breathing is a natural antidote to distress.

To get into the flow immediately, express deep sincere heartfelt appreciation for any level of success or quality of life you have right now.

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Bec Robbins

Wow, Bec has a completely luscious vocabulary and I just adore this interview all about how she fell in love with herself. Bec is the creator and host of The Secrets to Lasting Happiness Interview Series, a comprehensive online resource that guides and inspires women to discover their own Lasting Happiness secrets.


What my ego was not good at, was loving herself. My new unstoppable self, was beginning to teach her that that was necessary for true and authentic lasting happiness.

When I connected to my deepest, innermost self, she was standing right there with me and embracing me. She’s with me and has not left me – I call her my inner bliss sis. We have the tightest relationship, she’s my love story and I’m totally intact no matter what. Every love song I hear on the radio is all about her.

A lot of people don’t have that tangible evidence of that inner self. For me I was always an analytical scientific person, but I think it requires a personal experiment to explore this relationship with this innermost self especially if you have a desire to be as unstoppable as you know you can be

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Tara Sophia Mohr

Tara is a personal growth teacher and an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. She wrote a post that went viral called 10 rules for brilliant women and there is a very good reason. It’s very very good. Plus her interview had some great practical tips around visioning and self-love.


Reflect on what do you do for the people in your life that you love. Make a list. Now what would it look like if I were to do that for myself?

Make a pact with yourself to be on your own side during the pursuit of your dream, rather than playing the role of cross examiner.

What does a “knock the ball out of the park” life look like for you? Think about what your dream vision is for your life. What would be really juicy and fill you up with love, meaning and purpose? What would bring you fulfilment? Now imagine a volume dial, and imagine we’re going to turn up the dial 20% and make that vision even more exciting. What would that be? See what would change. Go through the exercise a total of 4 times, because that’s usually when we hit the sweet spot. Really we’re just getting to a fuller expression of our gift. It’s not about wanting something outlandish or impossible.

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So that’s only a third of what’s available from the Unleash the Unstoppable Power of You telesummit. If you’re feeling stuck or down, I highly recommend you sign up (it’s FREE FREE FREE) and listen to a daily dose of kick-ass inspiration.

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