Where Do You Get Your Energy From?


Hands up if you want more? (*hand raised*)

You know there’s a tonne of things that impact your energy. Eating the right food, exercise, meditation, play etc etc.

But hands up if you feel daunted at your lack of motivation to get more energy?

Well, you’re in luck. I’m going to share two very simple solutions to getting your mojo and your energy back. You just need to understand where your energy comes from.

1. Your energy comes from other people = extrovert

2. Your energy comes from time alone = introvert

I think most people have a tendency towards both extroversion and introversion in different situations. However, when you understand where your energy comes from, you can use this awareness to your advantage.

When you’re feeling lonely, bored or “I can’t be bothered”

Where Do You Get Your Energy From? ~ The Attitude Revolution

Source: Kinfolk

Nothing sucks your energy dry when you’ve got a severe case of ennui.

Now is the time to focus on collective activities and gain more energy from the group. Think dinners with friends; a big picnic outdoors; group classes like CrossFit, Groove, aerobics or Barre.

If you’re an entrepreneur or student who’s been spending too much time working or studying alone - organise a group work / study date. You may not get heaps of work done during the few hours you’re with other people, but the renewed vigour you get from spending time with others will motivate you in the days to come.

When you’re feeling drained, trapped or “I gotta get the hell outta here”

No need for a blown gasket, just breathe.

Now is the need for “alone time” to fill your own cup back up with the energy of solitude. Take a long solo run, swim or walk. Put your headphones on and reconnect with meditones. Turn up your favourite tunes and have a one-person dance party in your lounge room. Grab your favourite book and settle in with a cup of tea.

Clear boundaries is really important during this time so that your friends and family know that you need space. Let them know (as lovingly and politely as possible) that you’re not rejecting them, but off to fill up your self love cup. Make it an intentional disconnection in order to recharge. Call it a Ritual Separation rather than just running screaming for the door.

When you show people that this is how you take care of yourself, you give them permission to do the same for themselves.


For example, on Friday night I had a spectacular time at a Sacred Dance Party. 75 women dancing their pants off gave me such great energy! Now I’ve signed up for a 6 week Groove class in Brisbane because I know I’m craving more time with people to balance the huge time I spend alone working.


Over to you. What activities do you do that bring you energy? Head over to the Facebook page and let me know!


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