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Tahleevision: April, come she will…

So a few weeks ago, I rocked the microphone at a fundraiser for The Naked Gardiner Foundation. Guess how much we raised? Guess? You’ll never guess.


Unreal stuff.

I had the utmost privilege of holding an entire room of 200 people in silence as we practised mindfulness. It was magic. Pure magic.

And once again, very recently, I’ve been struck by the importance of mindfulness in every day life. You see I’ve got a perforated ear drum. It’s exactly as painful as it sounds, however, I’m still able to do a lot of things. I’m not immobilised.

Yet there are times I feel super sorry for myself and catch ‘victim mentality’ creeping in. Worrying, thinking ‘poor me’, and generally future tripping.

But being present has nothing to do with being Little Pollyanna Toffee Pants (so sweet and happy it gives you a toothache) all the time. It’s about resting and softening into each moment - regardless of what’s actually happening.

Incredibly simple. Profoundly difficult. Sumptuously worth it.

  • Did you know that if it wasn’t for this marvellous action from your brain, you’d be hallucinating all the time. True story.
  • Plants communicate with each other. Via sound!!!
  • Sick of white knuckling it when it comes to changing painful food habits? No need - here’s a better way.
  • How do you really, truly connect to yourself? Mah girl Carly dives into her Pockets of Peace Manifesto to show you how.

Talk about body accpetance! Mannequins based on real people for once.

It never occurred to me to do this with a hula hoop. Give it a minute. Then it’s absolutely breathtaking!

My musical shero, Imogen Heap, made wearable gloves that manipulate visuals and music. The result is pure magic.


The Psychosomatics of Peace

Look. You’re busy.

I get it.

And you’re getting cranky at all those peeps on your news feed bragging about meditation (including this one).

Because sometimes you genuinely don’t have time. Sometimes you wonder if it does anything at all.

So I made something for you.

This isn’t some boring rant about the statistics of how important meditation is. You know all that stuff anyway.

This track is poetry.

Designed to remind you of the magic that is your brain. How incredible your central nervous system is.

And poetry?

It cuts through the bullshit.

It brings you back to center, like a hummingbird to nectar.

And beauty is vital for reconnection.

So whilst the track has no meditones, it gives you that 2 min recharge of ‘ahhhh, that’s better’.

No need to lie down on the couch, close your eyes, sit in lotus, or even put on headphones. Just hit play and peace out.

Available in the shop now!

For the next 24 hours, receive a free copy of Ways to Let Go (another peace poem) when you order Psychosomatics of Peace.


Who Do You Think You Are?!

So you struggle with self worth?

How dare you!

How dare you think that you are anything less than a cataclysmic miracle!

Do you know how long it took you to get here?!

Don’t you know that you are the result of the love and strength and resilience of BILLIONS?!

Do you really think that 2.5 million years of human evolution would breed a mistake? You’re here, so you cannot possibly be flawed.

Your existence PROVES your worth. Tweet: Your existence PROVES your worth. ~ @ituderevolution

Look at your hands. There are 27 bones in there alone. 2,500 nerve endings just in the tip of your little finger.

Your heart will beat on average 2.5 billion times in your lifetime.

85 billion neurons generate lightning in your brain.

Still struggling because of pain? Congratulations - you’re human just like the rest of us.

Revel in it. Dance with the heartbreak. Soar on the wings of grief because it means you’re alive.

And if you’re alive?

You are full of infinite potential, unlimited in possibility and unimagined genius.

You were born worthy. So start acting like it.


Hello Wagon, My Old Friend…

I’ve come to hop on you again…

Ah the proverbial wagon.

Can’t count how many times I’ve fallen off and gotten back on again.

Exercise programs, diets, self help regimes, New Year’s Resolutions, kicking habits or kicking goals… I go gung-ho and then lose my stride. Distracted and discouraged, at some point, it all feels too hard and I quit.

Even the stuff that makes me feel good - like eating well, doing Pilates and meditating… I LOVE that stuff. But some days it just slips through my fingers and after a while I wonder why I feel like shit and where the hell did that time go?!

And back on the wagon I hop.

Because there are two things certain in this life.

1. You’ll fall off the wagon.

2. You’ll get back on it.

You’ll get triggered; bitch slapped by your Inner Critics; taken over by egoistic defiance; or purely, simply rebel. You’re human!

But then you’ll remember why you want to do what you want to do. And you’ll climb aboard the wagon again.

‘Cause it’s never about staying on the wagon all the time. ~ Tweet: It's never about staying on the wagon all the time.  ~ @ituderevolution

It’s about how quickly you can realise you’ve fallen off, how gently you can treat yourself while you’re on the ground, and how gracefully you can hop back on.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was a commitment to my Core Desired Feelings - Zen, Samadhi, Wildly Sensuous.

And there’s one thing that makes me feel ALL of the things. Meditones.

When I fall off the meditation wagon, I’m reminded again of how clearly my energy is influenced by my meditation practice. It has such a magnificent effect.

“I want things to be easy” - becomes my catch cry in the midst of strife. But as soon as I put on the headphones, ahhhh - there’s the ease. And the extra kicker? The more I put on the headphones, the more the ease is there. That’s resilience, baby!  

At the beginning of the year, it was eeeeasy to meditate. The fresh energy of the New Year was upon me. I had just finished an album’s worth of music for Spectrum and was facilitating my first group of brave-hearted, creative trailblazers through the course. Zero trouble.

But those pesky distractions crept in. Househunting; hormonal rollercoasters; packing, decluttering, moving. Normally those are the times a meditation practice is VITAL to ride out the waves of pain and frustration.

Some days I did. Some days I didn’t. (Fell off).

As the dust began to settle, I realised it wasn’t the dust that was blinding me. It was the fact I was face down in it. (Hello ground).

*facepalm* “I haven’t been meditating every day. Oops” (Gentle. Gentle).

“I’m gonna meditate tonight” (Graceful bound).

*relieved and excited to be back on the wagon* “Gee, the view is great from up here!”

If you’ve fallen off the wagon of any kind recently - I humorously, gently and humbly request you to hop back on. No need for gratuitous explanations, absolutely no self flagellation, no fuss, no muss.


I’m also utterly stoked to invite you to join the next round of Spectrum.

If you’ve got a big bold vision (especially if gung-ho is gone) that you want to achieve minus the overwhelm, then comrade hop on over to the Spectrum page. Enrolment is open now, class begins 21 April.


I’m hosting a teleseminar on Thursday 10 April, 7pm AEST. I’ll be answering any questions about Spectrum, plus giving you a simple but profound technique to help you achieve your goals.

Register below!

(Can’t make it? Register to receive the recording)



There’s No Such Thing As A Transition

Moving house twice in 3 months has left me feeling like I’m in limbo…

Knowing that in 6 months time, it’s happening again doesn’t really help this feeling.

I catch myself thinking all kinds of postponing thoughts. “There’s no point in….” “I’ll fix that when…” “I’ll just wait until…”

It’s unsettling and very anxiety provoking.

Until I remember that home is me. I AM home. When I drop back into the present moment and stop future tripping the EFF out - all is well.

That’s why there’s no such thing as a transition. I’m not in between houses… in between jobs… in between relationships… I’m here now. This is my life. It’s not on hold for some better future life.

Loving what is now, frees us from expectation and opens up a world of appreciation. ~ click to tweet

Years ago, I blogged about how the transition is the hardest part. But it doesn’t have to be.

You can drop the pressure, judgement and expectation of wanting to be anywhere but here. And when you do - you find yourself.

You can let go of the yearning for something better than now, the wish for something more familiar, more certain, less worrisome. You begin to see that the things you desire - when you just pay attention -  are already here.