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The Path of Least Resistance


Watching Kick Ass Kung Fu a few weeks ago, I felt a yearning melancholy mixed with disappointment.

I’d been housebound and feeling quite limited with a knee injury.

Watching street kids tough it out in a Chinese monastery as they underwent their training made me reflect on my desire to be strong.

I’ve always wanted to be tough. Strong. Fierce.

I’ve always been attracted to strong female characters.

Lori Petty in Tank Girl was my teenage idol. I wanted toned arms and to be able to do a pull up like Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.

7 of 9, Run Lola Run, Princess Mononoke…

The list goes on.


Some of my sheroes

Their mix of physical strength, emotional endurance, passion and vulnerability had me hooked.

And yet, I don’t identify with them.

I never have.

I’ve never thought I was tough.

With a body like mine, who would?

It’s soft, fragile, prone to sickness and injury.


Until I remembered that pain is not the only path to discipline.

Struggle, strife and effort are only one side of the story.

To be honest, I think balls out exertion is actually easier.

Because I’ve trodden the path of pain.

Often and well.

I’ve pushed through workouts - even after tearing muscles and ligaments.

I’ve burned the midnight candle, met deadlines, worked 4 jobs at one time (more than once), taken Sudafed and “soldiered on”.

And still I felt weak.

And now the question remains…

Am I strong enough to take the path of least resistance?

Am I tough enough to choose ease, to choose trust, forgiveness and calm?

Am I disciplined enough to choose radical self love and fierce self care?

Am I steadfast enough to put my needs first and be gentle with myself?

Can I release the guilty conflation that somehow empowerment is akin to selfishness?

Can I let go of my need for control, to relentlessly drive forward my dreams and let them flourish organically?

Because here’s the thing.

If I don’t make preventative self care and ‘kindness somethin’ fierce‘ a priority now - when my business takes off, when the ‘life of my dreams’ magically appears - there still won’t be time for those things.

We must weave the fabric of our desires with threads of gentle action and powerful release. - click to tweet

There is no other way.

Burnout. Brute Force. Blind ambition. Let these things be a forgiven memory.

For your sake, I invite you to do the same.

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What’s Calling You Now?


The myth of “a calling” seems to be prevalent in our society.

The idea that you need to find your “one true purpose” causes a great deal of stress for those of us who are fascinated by the new (ahem, me *cough cough*)

Marie Forleo coined the term “multi-passionate entrepreneur” and I for one heartily resonate.

You see, I’ve changed careers no less than 6 times. I completed my Bachelor of Music at uni and tried to be a performing artist. I then co-founded a meditation music business which I ran for 8 years. I’ve also been an Arts Administrator for a non-profit graphic design company, an Environmental Project Manager for a mining company, a Personal Trainer and now an Attitude Coach.

Each time, I was wholeheartedly passionate about what I did and threw myself into the work. I loved all of those jobs and had many hours of fulfilment out of them…

Until I would feel the familiar yearning. The itchy feet. Spurring me on to follow my new found interest.

Now these disparate jobs may be seen by many as done by someone who is “flaky” or “inconsistent. Like having multiple interests, or changing your mind is a problem.

Of course I disagree. Each of these roles fulfilled a calling. They served a purpose.

Tara Mohr put it brilliantly in her course, Playing Big (which I’ve been doing for the last 8 months):

Callings evolve and end. They are many and they are fluid. - click to tweet

Also, callings aren’t always centred around career. There are many callings that involve creative expression, supporting a loved one, or fighting an injustice.

Right now, I’m being called back to music again.

When I was running my meditation music business, I truly felt I had found my place. When I let go of it in 2010, I stopped writing music completely. Part of me missed it and I lost a huge part of my identity. Music had been a massive part of my life since I was 5 years old.

But there were other pursuits calling me.

At times, I wanted to get back into music but I wasn’t sure how. I had no reason for it. No purpose. So I thought.

At the beginning of the year, I realised music had become my calling again.

It seems even The Attitude Revolution is an evolution of interlinked callings. All the topics here of Food, Mood, Do and Tude represent my many interests in eating well, feeling good, moving well and thinking well.

Issues with food, overexercising, poor body image and self loathing all stem from one place.

The mind.

These are all mental health issues and need to be treated as such.

So it seems very natural to return to creating meditation music again. And it’s why I’m so excited to use meditones in my music again. Meditones is a technology that I co-developed all those years ago that makes meditation so effortless.

I’ve personally experienced and witnessed the power of meditones to heal anxiety, improve emotional resilience, bring confidence and clarity and really change lives.

In essence, meditones literally help you Change Your Mind. About your body, about yourself and your world. Check out this fun video to get a sneak preview of how meditones work.

What about you comrade? What’s calling you right now?

Do you know someone who could use some help feeling more calm or confident? Share this post or the meditones page with them. You could be doing them a massive favour!


Why I dislike The Law of Abundance


The Law of Abundance has never really sat well with me.

There are people who invite abundant joy, creativity and love into their lives, which is beautiful and noble. But on any given day painful things happen which can set us up for failure if we’re so focused on feeling joy that we can’t handle the crappy stuff.

Plus, new research is bringing to light evidence that the endless pursuit of happiness is actually counterproductive. And that rather than pursuing abundant happiness, we would be better served in increasing emotional resilience.

That is to say, being able to feel both positive AND negative emotions; being flexible in tough situations and bouncing back quickly after a set back; and recognising when strong emotions are being triggered and moving through them in a healthy way.

But where I see The Law of Abundance most used is in wealth creation.

“Rich! Rich beyond your wildest dreams! You can have it all with this simple change in outlook!” they cry.

I’ve even heard of someone who teaches this, in reply to a question about people living in third world poverty, as “Well, that’s their story”.

No. It’s not “their story”. Poverty is an outcome from a construct of free trade and greed, and releasing people from their middle class guilt with that kind of description is freakin’ irresponsible.

Now, conversely, I don’t want to live or have others live in a scarcity mindset. That’s scary and awful.

People suffer without enough food, shelter, safety or money. People suffer when they don’t think they have a right to their needs, desires and dreams. People suffer when they believe they aren’t worthy.

But I don’t think an Abundance mindset really helps to shift that. In fact, I think the Abundance mindset and the Scarcity mindset are two extremes of the same coin.

Here’s why.

  • We live in a society that is DRIVEN by wanting more. But the way we currently use resources means that a lot of people still miss out. How can you have abundance in a planet of finite resources? Finite water, finite fossil fuels, finite time, finite arable land…
    If you take those things abundantly for yourself, those resources become scarce for someone else. At its extreme, abundance becomes greed which leads to scarcity and abject poverty.


  • Our economy is fuelled by growth. Any kind of deviation from this is considered a disaster. Bigger houses, better cars, smarter phones, more more MORE!!! But we aren’t any happier or healthier because of it. In fact, the money to happiness ratio is a bit like a bell curve. Money does make you happy to the point where you can provide for yourself and your loved ones comfortably. But more money doesn’t make you ‘more happy’.


  • The drive to lose more weight, be more fit and toned can also play into these extremes. Lose the last 5 kilos, get a new personal best, go harder, toughen up. We need to be thinner, smarter, stronger, faster, better.

All these things begin with wanting more than you have or are. Scarcity says “I don’t have enough”. Abundance says “I want/need more”. The Abundance/Scarcity coin is really the ‘Not Enough’ coin.

Not thin enough, buff enough, rich enough, pretty enough, confident enough, promoted enough, recognised enough…

Now I’m not saying that having a goal to improve your fitness, or to create a better life for yourself, or even to lift the third world out of poverty aren’t worthy goals.

Of course they are. With the right intention.


People in developing countries need the same rights as we enjoy in the West. The right to independence, clean water, safety, enough food… But if everyone used resources in the same way we do, then we’d need 3.5 planets to sustain us.

Becoming fit and strong is a worthwhile pursuit, but not at the expense of your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Earning money is fine, but not at the expense of another’s freedom.

So how can we change the intention in order to have more sustainable progress?

I believe to really shift these paradigms we need to move from an Abundance mindset to an Enoughness mindset.

The opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance. The opposite of scarcity is enough. - click to tweet

Whilst scarcity is laden with fear and abundance can have a spirit of striving about it; enoughness has an essence of rest.

For me, enoughness is a huge sigh of relief. All the striving, guilt, fear are washed away and replaced by a deep sense of calm.

“We’re not invited towards contentment. We’re not invited towards saying “ah, this moment is enough”. If that happened, the economy would collapse” - Tara Brach

This quote from Tara Brach really solidifies my belief in the Law of Enoughness.

Enoughness says “Well done, great workout today”

Enoughness says “I love myself unconditionally”

Enoughness says “I’m so glad I listen to and respect my body”

Enoughness says “Rather than increasing the living standards of the world’s poor through pure economic growth (abundance) and decreasing the amount of Western consumerism (scarcity), we can share our resources sustainably”

Enoughness says “Let’s move to an economy where we also value connection, contentment and community.

Enoughness says “I was born worthy of love and belonging”

Enoughness says “Let’s stop designing products with planned obsolescence and create products that have minimal environmental impact and maximal social benefit”

You can see that Enoughness is inclusive, innovative and can drive what a very wise friend of mine calls “the aspirational cycle”. This is the design cycle of products that society aspires to have which is shifting from things like fancy cars and bling into upcycled bicycles and efficient solar panels.

A comfortable, worthwhile life doesn’t have to come at the cost of our planet or its people. And I really believe this is possible if we move to a sustainable mindset of The Law of Enoughness.

What do you think? Does the Law of Abundance work for you? Does having enough mean more to you than having a lot? Would you call Enoughness something else?


The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know


Self love, self compassion, self acceptance. These are words that you hear thrown around a lot these days. You know it’s important to love yourself, but how?!

If you’re new to the journey of self love or even if you’re an old hand - we all need to be reminded of the truth of who we are.

Fear, anxiety, comparison, criticism, and perfectionism get in the way of self love. And when this happens it can be hard to remember where to begin.

I made this video to help you return to love in a cute and fun way. {Click here if you’re reading this in an email}

May you always remember that you were born worthy.

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