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Loving Your Body Even After Weight Gain

I’ve put on weight.

It’s been an emotional year (or two) and I’ve often turned to my old comfort - food. And because all actions have consequences, my expanding waist line is one of them.

Normally, this would be the time that I would hide. I would avoid social circumstances because I didn’t want people to think when they saw me “Woah! Tahlee’s really put on weight”.

Normally, I would sign back up to the gym because dammit, I’ve been a lazy slob. Time to whip this body into shape.

Normally I would start a new diet, or at least start keeping a food diary.

Normally, I would feel like a fat failure.

Now, I’ll be honest. All of these things have crossed my mind. But you know what’s different this time?

This time, I’m staying present. I’m staying kind. And I’m staying strong in love.

So right now - in this very moment - I’m not signing up to the gym. Because my body doesn’t thrive in that environment. Instead, I’m back doing regular Pilates because that’s what makes my body feel good, no matter what.

I’m going for beautiful walks in nature and exploring the spaces near my house.

Look what I found within a 15min walk from my house?!

I’m making sure I’m eating regular meals with lots of protein because that’s how my body feels most nourished.

And right now, I’ve just invested in some new clothes in my current size.

Because the thing is - my focus is on loving what is. And when I’m focused on love - I’m not walking around in clothes that don’t fit; hurting my body with diets or overexercise; and generally feeling awful.

Loving your body isn’t about weight loss. It’s about appreciating the miracle of who you are, no matter what. ~ click to tweet

So if you’re not at your “ideal weight”, if you’re feeling heavier than you like, or lighter than you like…

If you’ve feel you’ve relapsed into old unhealthy habits, gotten lazy, or restricted yourself too much…

If you’re counting calories, or trips to they gym, and one feels like too much and the other too little…

Guess what?

You’re still enough. You’re still an incredible human, worthy of love. Especially your own.

How will you love what is, today?