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Tahleevision: Moving In March

The Life of a Travelling Musician

Things have been a little quiet on the ol’ bloggy-blog as life behind the scenes has been HEC.TIC.

A few of you may remember the moving house sale I had a few weeks ago. Well the move has finally happened. To say it’s been challenging would be an understatement. I’d love to say I handled it all with grace and aplomb, but I’m pretty sure my relatives would laugh out loud if I described myself in that way.

Impatience, frustration and plain ol’ depletion reared their ugly heads. I dropped the ball on my meditation practices quite a few times. I even caught sight of the Inner Critics more than I would have liked.

And that’s ok.

Emotions can be full on but we need the whole spectrum of them to really live life to the full. Emotions that are repressed always come out in other, unhealthier ways.

I’ve been triggered many times over the last few weeks, and as much as possible I try to let the emotions ricochet through me and then centre back in. I’m a work in progress.

Speaking of the emotional spectrum - Spectrum (the anti-work course) will be starting up again in a few weeks. To claim dibs on info as soon as it’s released - head over to the Spectrum page to register your interest on the mailing list.

And without further ado - here are the things that have floated my boat in between packing boxes…

  • Guess which famous designer shaved her head to protest inaction on climate change?
  • Need an answer to one of life’s big questions? Here’s a flowchart to help you find your answer :)


So simple, yet so clever. Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli


This absolutely cracked me up!


Stunning. Just stunning.


Which Meditation is Best For Me?

Recently I’ve had a few questions from beautiful comrades about meditones. They usually have the same enquiry “Which one should I get?”

My answer is usually another question “That depends. What are you looking for?”

So in the interests of helping everyone out, I thought I’d break down each track that’s available in the Meditones Shop to give you a guide to which meditation will be the best choice for you.

Allied Forces

Contains: 10 mins of music + meditones

Designed to: Quickly and easily bring you into a state of calm

Perfect for:

  • Quick meditation
  • Feeling soothed
  • Overcoming anxiety

If you love music like Ellie Goulding, Florence and the Machine or Bat for Lashes - you’ll love Allied Forces.

Comfortable in Your Skin

Contains: 15 mins of guided visualisation + music + meditones

Designed to: Help you sense into and love your body

Perfect for:

  • Generating stillness
  • Reconnecting with your body
  • Overcoming body hate & ED

If you prefer meditations that guide you through the process - you’ll love Comfortable in Your Skin

The Unison Collection - Vol 1, Vol 2 & Vol 3

Each album contains: Over one hour of music + meditones

Designed to: Take you on an exquisite journey from delightful calm to deeeeep meditation. Each album follows the same format - first stimulating Alpha brainwaves (light relaxation), then Theta brainwaves (swooning meditation) and ending in Delta (profound, blissful stillness).

Perfect for:

  • Choosing your desired state (Alpha, Theta or Delta)
  • Long, deep meditations
  • Releasing deep seated issues such as insomnia, panic attacks, and chronic pain

If you love soulful, psy-chill music and want to go deeper than you ever have before in meditation - you’ll love The Unison Collection

Ways to Let Go

Contains: 2 mins of music

Designed to: Give you a sigh of relief

Perfect for:

  • An instant zap of Zen
  • Help you release strong emotions
  • Bring you back into the present

If you need a little boost but don’t have time to meditate; or if you can’t use meditones because of a medical condition - you’ll love Ways to Let Go


Wanna find out more about exactly how meditones work? All the science-y Q&A’s are here

Any other questions? Feel free to comment below.