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Tahleevision: Far Out February!

Even though it’s the shortest month of the year, February has been packed full of fun, adventure, connections and lessons.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature, which is really floating my boat, and I’ve been involved in some pretty special projects.

The 21 Day Meditation Project - Sign up and get 21 guided meditations (including a meditones track from me) for free free FREE!

Make Art Monday - A weekly creativity practice that includes a very special meditones track I created exclusively for Jo. Go! Get your art on!

Plus there’s been a helluva lotta cool shit on the interwebs. Check it out y’all!

♦ Could this elderly woman and her cat get any cuter?

♦ Nicola Chatham beautifully showcases the gifts of a new perspective

♦ I wonder what photos from a broken polaroid look like?

♦ Mah girl Helen Thomas jams with Connie Chapman about Intuitive Wellness

♦ An incredibly moving (and totally relatable) story from Melissa Sandon - I am fat.

♦ Are you in a transition right now? Avoid these 3 mistakes for a waaay easier time.

♦ Rivendell from Lord of The Rings constructed entirely out of Lego

♦ Yeah yeah, successful people do things differently and you should too. But in this list? Tara Mohr totally get’s it right!

♦ Here’s what ads would look like with diverse bodies

♦ Are you a word nerd too? How cool is this article about how colours got their names!

♦ This is the best article about living in the moment I’ve ever read!

♦ I want to eat ALL of these desserts. Eye candy + cake = winning.

♦ Every emotion is felt in the same place in the body by everybody. This map proves it. Mind blown.

♦ Are you interested in fighting climate change? Join 1 million women. I certainly have :)

♦ The genius behind Calvin & Hobbes (mah fave cartoon EVER) once gave some excellent advice to creatives. His speech been captured in this gorgeous cartoon. Meta.

♦ Need more proof meditation can change your life? Meditation has transformed the roughest schools in San Fransisco.

♦ Is sugar the new nicotine? A bunch of scientists say YES!

♦ Make your world more sparkly with these 3 tips

♦ This divorced woman was sickened by the idea of a mortgage. What she did next was brilliant!

♦ Absolutely dreamy images of a rural Russian farm complete with adorable children and lovely animals.

♦ I opened up about a deep dark secret in this In Deep interview with Naomi Goodlet

♦ A beautiful invitation to treat your body like a temple

♦ The Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine has great articles and writers (*cough cough*) ;)

♦ Scared of being alone? Turn scared into sacred with the sublime Susannah Conway’s new course - The Sacred Alone.

Need more encouragement on how to be alone? Watch this.


Do yourself a favour, set aside 90 mins and learn the bitter truth about sugar


Goats playing. Nuff said!


A Love Letter to Money

Dear money,

We’ve had some rough times, I know.

I’m sorry for all the times I demanded so much of you. I’m sorry for the times I had you but didn’t appreciate you, and didn’t think you were enough. I’m sorry for the times I wasted you on junk food, getting trashed, and cheap clothes. I’m sorry for the times I wished I had you but also thought you were evil.

You must have thought I was crazy!

But there were some good times too.

Thank you for the times we worked together. Thank for allowing me to support great artists; beautiful musicians; inspired healers; ethical designers. Thank you for giving me options and choice. Thank you for helping me buy organic produce and for the blessed roof over my head.

Thank you for allowing me to share you generously and feel so damn good about it.

I’ve realised now that we work really well together. That we CAN be a force for good in the world. That we can be soulful and helpful. The two of us side by side.

I understand that my relationship with you is directly related to my relationship with myself.

I want you to know that I’ll keep you safe this time. Protect you when you need it, and give you to others who will be kind to you also. I will value you, your worth and your gifts. I will honour you and use you with integrity.

I’m so glad we’re on each others’ team now. Please know I think the world of you.

Lots of Love,



Feeling Fulfilled: When Desire Takes Over

Feeling Fulfilled: When Desire Takes Over ~ The Attitude Revolution

It’s hard to believe it was only one year ago when I sat down with Danielle LaPorte’s revolutionary Desire Map.

Back then I nailed my five ‘Core Desired Feelings’ as Wholehearted, Vital, Insightful, Lupine, and Wildly Sensuous.

These words plastered my studio, were scribbled in journals, and became the source of a wonderful Pinterest board.

I navigated most of the year using these feelings as my compass. I tried my hardest to align my actions with them so I was moving from my core.

But it is with a heavy heart that I admit my ego took centre stage.

You may have read my deep dark secret in my interview with Naomi Goodlet last week. If not, in a nutshell, the end of 2013 was governed by fear, pressure and overwhelm.

The year was then eclipsed by a break up with my partner of 12 years. Overtaken as I was by heartbreak and pain, I was also fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly wise and loving friends and family.

Their advice for getting through the day?

Do the things that make you feel good.

This was my time to really walk my talk. To put into practice everything I’ve been preaching for the last two years. Gratitude, presence, feeling ALL the feelings.

I realised the the things that made me feel good were the simple, mindful pleasures in life.

Meditating, composing music, journaling, reading Tarot cards, spending time with people who love me, being in nature, yoga. For the first few weeks, this was about all I could manage.

Now that I’ve recalibrated, I am EVEN MORE COMMITTED to the phenomenal power of desire.

As DLP herself says,

‘Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have’.

Core Desired Feelings are not the fleeting emotions that erupt through your central nervous system umpteen times a minute. These are the enduring moods that you crave. The feelings that you settle into and make you feel like home.

Now, I know Buddha said that the root of all suffering is desire. And I’m certainly not advocating for ignoring painful feelings or repressing negative emotions. As my shero Brené Brown says - ‘You can’t selectively numb’.


However, I’ve found that when I put feeling good at the top of my to-do list - life flows so much better. I’m more resilient, I’m kinder, more present and fun. I have energy, inspiration, and connection. I eat better, sleep better and do better.

My 2014 Core Desired Feelings

I’ll be honest. I didn’t do the full Desire Map process this time around.

I let words come to me.

At first I thought my CDF’s were: Honour, Communion, Quality, and Wildly Sensuous.

However - a powerful process during a mastermind retreat with my soul sisters was to throw all of this into disarray.

At the end of The Desire Map, there are a few questions to help you really drill down into the best representative word. But it’s not a huge part of the book. Not really a big deal.

However, when used with a friend - it is a game changer!

These questions are:

What does your CDF sound like? What does it smell like? Look like? Feel like? What is your CDF really all about?

Each of us on the retreat got to spend hours downloading our Core Desired Feelings. We would close our eyes and just talk in streaming consciousness as my beautifully gifted friend Emma wrote everything down tirelessly.

Immediately it became apparent when words didn’t sit right or even fit at all. You know your Core Desired Feeling isn’t ‘Honour’ when it smells like boot polish!

So what came out of this approach?

Three glorious Core Desired Feelings that feel like a sigh of bliss.


Mine are:

Wildly Sensuous

What’s been really fascinating to see - especially as I create visual sumptuousness via the Pinterest boards (click each word to view) - is that each feeling seems to be distilled from my original five.

There is a blurring of sensations that somehow seemed honed with just one word. Feelings of Vital + Insightful often = Zen. Feelings of Lupine are easily absorbed by Samadhi.

What is this Samadhi, you ask?

Well - this is where the process became REALLY interesting.

For me, Samadhi began as a bodily sensation. An almost indescribable feeling. I had no word for it, I only knew how it felt.

So I asked my sisters for guidance. And as I described this feeling of ecstatic power and presence, my girl Carly said “It sounds like Samadhi - the sanskrit word for highest consciousness”.


That was it.

When I googled Samadhi - I found a page by Sri Chinmoy and this was the first thing I read…

Above the toil of life my soul is a bird of fire winging the Infinite.

Nailed. It.

And to give you a glimpse into the deep process we went into to ensure that Samadhi was indeed what I really wanted to feel - here it is:

Samadhi Sounds Like

• Music • Wolves howling • Wind in the trees • Waterfalls • People cheering • Laughter • Crackling of the flame

Samadhi Smells Like

• Freshness • Joy • Sensual pleasure • Groundedness • Not earthy - woody • Rainforest • Fresh water • Warm sensual tones • Ylang ylang • Cinnamon • Vanilla • Bergamot

Samadhi Looks Like

• A shooting star • A comet • An arrow • Focus • Fire - but more like a candle • Steady flame • Full moon • Standing tall - really tall • Silent presence • A really tall woman with a staff in one hand and a wolf by her side - you can feel her power from just one look

Samadhi Feels Like

• Powerful • Energised • Grounded • Straight • Tall • Forward momentum

Samadhi Is Really About

• Everything + Nothing

How I generate Samadhi

The fabulous thing about Core Desired Feelings is that they feel so familiar that it doesn’t take much to generate them.

There’s really no need for grandiose overhauls or transformations.

For me - generating Samadhi is as simple as inhaling ylang ylang oil, meditating, composing new music or spending time with my soul sisters.


I am overjoyed to announce that so far this year - this is how I’m navigating my days. By honouring my Core Desired Feelings and moving from the heart.

And hot diggity daffodil - it feels goooood.


WTF Friday: EFT

{WTF Friday is a weekly segment giving you quick tips for your wellbeing}

EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique

Otherwise known as ‘tapping’, EFT is based on the idea that gently tapping on certain acupressure points on the body, whilst vocalising your feelings - enables you to release the issues you feel blocked on.

Lemme tell ya - it’s weird. But it works.

There’s something very powerful about this process. I mean, you have an ongoing monologue about things that stress you out anyway.

So EFT is a way of expressing and moving through those thought patterns. Moreover, it helps you get out of your head and back into your body.

It doesn’t take long to reduce feelings of anxiety as you move through a few ‘negative’ rounds then a ‘positive’ round. What’s important is to pay attention to any other thoughts that want to be expressed. Sometimes other things bubble up to the surface of your consciousness that you didn’t even know were there.

Because it’s a physical process - it’s much easier to explain via visuals.

So here are some of my favourite videos that contain super easy tapping scripts that you can follow.

Jessica Ortner from The Tapping Solution shows you how to ‘tap’

Gabby B shows you how to release sugar addiction through EFT.
Top of my list at the moment!

Money blocks? Here’s an excellent one.
Skip to 18:30 if you don’t have time for the whole vid


Revolutionary Review: Such Different Eats

Each Revolutionary Review is always from the heart! I’ll never recommend something I haven’t enjoyed. Because if something is a drag, I won’t finish it (my life’s too short) and you don’t need to read about it (your life’s too short).

Revolutionary Review: Such Different Eats ~ The Attitude Revolution

Remember that time I made a raw snickers slice and frothed about it all over Instagram?

Well that delicious recipe was care of Tara Bliss and chef hubby, Glen Farmer.

Now they’ve knocked heads to knock up even more crazy delish (and nutrish) recipes.

What it is:

Such Different Eats is a collection of nourishing recipes chock full to the brim of nutrients and flavour!

Why I love it:

Glen and Tara have created great looking and great tasting food that is great for you. They’ve shied away from labelling it with any specific diet descriptions - and instead just used real food in creative ways.

I love this because as you know - I don’t believe there is one diet to suit us all. It’s about eating the foods that bring you joy and nourish you - body, mind and spirit.

There’s a few recipes that call for fermented foods which I’ve always wanted to try my hand at creating. These recipes aren’t daunting at all - they’re easy to follow and are great for gut healing.

Plus - it is chock full of dessert recipes that are nutritious!!! As someone who is trying to quit sugar, this is most excellent news. Double Choc Jaffa Cake anyone?

Why you need it:

Um - dadoi. To shove all their fabulous creations into your cake hole.

Get your copy of Such Different Eats here.

You’re welcome.

{Full disclosure – the links contained in this review are affiliate links which means I get showered in raw chocolate and bling for my pimpmobile}