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Tahleevision: Oh Hai 2014! Nice To Meet You

So 2014. I’m excited to see what you have in store for me. I’ll be honest. Last year wasn’t my favourite, but when I woke up on your first morning - I must admit, I felt lighter and brighter than I have in ages.

If what I’ve discovered inside of my spirit + on the interwebs this month is any indication, then 2014 - I think I’m gonna like you.

I adore the new Pockets of Peace manifesto.
Profound word + luscious design = winning!
Above is an excerpt, but you can get a whole gorgeous print right here.

♦ Ever wondered how you can sustain a loving relationship for the long haul? Sounds True have created a free video series on Deepening Intimacy.

♦ Ehmehgerd, Zerntengerl. *ahem* Zentangle is that pretty patterned meditative drawing you’ve been seeing pop up all over Pinterest.

♦ Change doesn’t just happen in the mind. It happens in the body too. Then it’s mind-body transformation.

♦ I was devo to hear that Hayayo Miyazaki (the genius behind Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away etc) never got to make his version of this beloved children’s book

♦ Ever run a marathon? How about running 365 of them?

♦ A powerful photo series that requires total vulnerability

♦ And while vulnerability is scary, it’s a vital component of connection. So tell people you love them!

♦ Forget crop circles - these things are even cooler. Pun definitely intended!

♦ Ephemeral art is the theme of the month. These beach patterns are gorgeous too!

♦ Half in, half out of drag. Just fabulous!

♦ Any time you feel like you’re not good enough? Here are 7 things to remember.

♦ Chuffed to be reviewed by Rachel from In Spaces Between. She said such nice things she made me tear up.

♦ Profoundly inspiring take on mindset. This book just shot to the top of my ‘to read’ list.

♦ If you ever doubt your intuition - read this.

“The truest answer is the first whisper and the first feeling. Our spirit is efficient and honest.”

♦ Hold on to your insides - this review made me cry with laughter.

♦ 21 pictures that aren’t what you think. And they’ll blow your mind.

♦ I want to go to here. Did you hear that Universe? Here!

♦ A change of mind. Or heart. One of those organs. The Bloggess does whimsy like a BOSS!

♦ Letting go of judging people is difficult but makes life so much happier. Here’s how to start.

♦ Recognising that you are not your emotions is so powerful.

♦ Did you see Jessica Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior making a healthy breakfast on The Morning Show? No? Here’s the vid.

♦ If you care about old growth forests and our precious Tasmania wilderness - please to sign this petition.

♦ Great inspo for logging off and enjoying the great outdoors. Maybe

♦ Brisbabes at The Blogcademy. I’m in a polka-dot top. Can you spy me?


One of my goals for this year is quitting sugar. This brilliant animation explains why it can be so addictive.


This makes me want to bust out my old aerobic gear, so badly!


The Simpsons tribute my favourite animator - Hayayo Miyazaki (see above)

I Never Knew I Needed This Until I Got It

Mah soul sisters - Carly, Emma, Dani, Alana, moi + Helen (clockwise from front)

I thought I could jump back into running a business, solo. I thought I could do it on my own, until I found them.

A circle of supportive women.

Now, I have no idea how I’d do it without them.

I’ve written before about my tumultuous relationship with other women. I railed against needing them for so long. I always thought I preferred the company of men.

Men were easy. Non-complicated. Fun to be with.

Women were prissy, judgemental and flighty.

Or so I thought.

I still have wonderful men in my life - soul brothers - who inspire me regularly.

But being held by my soul sisters in our mastermind group is a phenomenal feeling. I feel uplifted by their presence, guided by their wisdom and inspired by their visions.

Setting intentions + powerful connections at our mastermind retreat

We weren’t always this close.

To be truly seen, heard and accepted by them required achingly raw vulnerability - on all our parts. And as Brené Brown says , “Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection.”

When you begin blazing a trail for yourself, no matter what it looks like - becoming an entrepreneur, an artist, or a parent - it’s vital that you have the support of your peers. Peers that are on the same journey as you, that get what it is you’re trying to achieve or be.

It can be hard for that role to be filled by friends and family as they often aren’t on a similar path to you. They want the very best for you so it’s hard for them to be objective.

So how do you find a support network? A circle of soul sisters? Or soul brothers?

You reach out. You ask a friend to ask another friend.

That’s how ours started. It was literally each person reaching out to one other person til we had 6 of us in the group. Some of us were already besties, some of us had only met once, and some of us met for the first time.

At first it was a little awkward to open up as we learned to trust one another. Trying to find time when we were all available to be together was tricky. We all have hectic lives, conflicting schedules and are scattered across South East Queensland.

Bit by bit we leaned into one another, making time together a sacred priority. And the blessings have been multiplied.

Community has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s a big part of why I launched Spectrum. But I want to go even further now.

I want to nourish The Attitude Revolution into a thriving tribe of supportive, playful and nurturing comrades. And I would LOVE your help to do so.

During our mastermind retreat, I saw a vision of this space growing into a huge tree watered by many hands.

With that vision in mind, I’d like to open up this blog to the whole community - so we can all share in the wisdom of the group. Let’s co-create a space where people can gather to be inspired, to gain insight, and to find joy in camaraderie.

If you have a burning, yearning desire to share your story of how you’ve done a 180 towards joy - I’d love to hear from you. Sharing whatever obstacle you’ve overcome in order to be more loving, kind and joyful in your life is music to my ears.

Drop me a line at [email protected] with the word SUBMISSION in the title, plus your story attached as a word document (*.doc please not *.docx)

What say you?


WTF Friday: CBT

CBT = Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

As the name implies, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps you change unhelpful thoughts, habits, feelings and behaviours. It’s a way of reality checking yourself to see if what you’re really thinking is helping you view a situation in the most real way.

I’ve found CBT particularly useful in overcoming panic attacks and anxiety. Sometimes in anxious moments, your thoughts can run amok causing a cascade of stressful hormones and neurotransmitters to flow through your body. It’s a feedback loop that amplifies anxiety.

When you can catch those streams of stressful thoughts and instead use curiosity and kindness to see if what you’re thinking really matches up to the situation, and then adjust your behaviour accordingly - that’s the power of CBT.

For example - I used to really struggle catching public transport. I was always worried I’d be late so on the occasions the bus was running late or caught in traffic, it unleashed a wave of panic.

CBT taught me to realise that sometimes the bus is late and that’s ok. Lots of people are sometimes late due to traffic and most people are understanding when you are. The best option is to notify the person you’re meeting as soon as possible that you’re running late and then sit back and relax. Worrying isn’t going to make the bus less late.

Obviously this is a really simplified version of CBT. For more reading, there’s lots of books on Amazon.

My favourites include The Anxiety and Worry Workbook: The Cognitive Behavioral Solution and The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person


6 Self Development Sites That Don’t Suck

Growth and transformation are hot topics around here. Sure they might be cliché but damn if they don’t make life wonderful.

What aren’t clichéd though are the approaches of these 6 amazing sites. Each of them have a unique and powerful perspective when it comes to mindset, spirituality, self development and, you know - generally enjoying life.

Karen Salmansohn

Karen’s been creating beautifully designed quotes waaaay before Tumblr came along. By combining her considerable talent for creative design with her knack for playful and profound life-changing tips, she’s been described as ‘Deepak Chopra meets Carrie Bradshaw’.  She calls it ‘self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help’.

Danielle LaPorte

Hot diggity daffodil, DLP is the golden child of kick-ass spirituality. She tells the truth so sexy and potent - her words are like a sucker punch of inspirational wisdom delivered right to your limbic system. Even ancient, age-old topics are delivered in a way that makes you holler ‘Right onnnn, sister!’. Get your hands on The Desire Map immediately! (affiliate link)

The Fluent Self

Buttmonster colouring in books… A duck named Selma… Gwishes, clews and destuckification… Havi Brooks is as cryptic as she is compelling. Full of metaphors and made up words, Havi holds amazing space and creates really cool products for when you need clarity, motivation or need to chill the hell out.

Wild Sister Magazine

Jen is the most colourful, positive hippie I know. But this ain’t a tie-dyed love fest with no substance. Jen walks her talk. She’s been through darkness but knows that a commitment to joy is vital for a life of awesomeness… and damn, if she doesn’t just inspire women all around the world to live theirs. Join the Wild Sisterhood this week for a discounted 12 months of wildness (affiliate link).

Tara Mohr

What can I say about the sublime Tara Mohr? Her signature program - Playing Big - was life changing. It reconnected me to my music practice, and for that I will be forever grateful. She is skilful, compassionate and grounded; she amplifies women’s voices all over the world; her wisdom and poetry… divine. Fill up your cup on her earthy, practical blog.

The Daily Love

Mastin Kipp is a regular tweeter of zippy, uplifting tweets and the caretaker of TDL . He writes and teaches about the most powerful force in life (love, dadoi) and has phenomenal guest writers all offering sage advice for relationships, self love, and self mastery. Everything always comes back to love. It’s as simple as it is profound.



What’s your favourite self development site? Share over on the Facebook page!


WTF Friday: ACT

{WTF Friday is a weekly segment giving you quick tips for your wellbeing}

ACT = Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

It’s pronounced ‘act’ and really encompasses what living a mindful life is all about.

Accept what is (particularly what is in and out of your control) + Commit to taking action to live a life of awesomeness.

I love it because it isn’t about denying how you’re really feeling while blindly chanting affirmations (<- gotta love Bill Murray!). It isn’t about blind optimism or striving for perfection.

It’s about recognising that life can be full of joy and suffering. It’s about skillfully moving through a spectrum of emotions. It’s about building resilience.

And when you have that resilience, it’s much easier to commit to living in alignment with your values, even when it becomes difficult or uncomfortable.

The age old ‘Serenity Prayer’ is a great example of ACT.