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Should You Be Nervous Before A Workout?


The short answer is yes with an if, long answer no with a but…

Let me explain. Long answer first…

Back when I was doing my Personal Training certification, one of my trainers said “If you’re not a little bit nervous before each workout, then you’re not about to work hard enough”.

That quote really stuck with me, because it’s something I felt. A lot.

For example, when I started riding my bike to work around the same time - I would feel nervous before heading out the door because I KNEW that as soon as I started riding, it was a long uphill battle. Literally. There was a really long hill that got steeper and steeper towards the peak.

It was hard work - thighs on fire, lungs puffing like a steam engine, cheeks blushing the colour of beetroot.

And you know that moment when you think “Gah! Stuff this!” and get off your bike and start walking it up the hill?

It was in front of  a high school.

Stupid hill. Making me look like a weak fool. And in front of a gaggle of school girls no less!

It wasn’t the most pleasant way to start the day. But I kept to it because I kept remembering that quote. I kept thinking I should be nervous. And therefore miserable.

So you can see that there’s two things wrong with this statement: “If you’re not a little bit nervous before each workout, then you’re not about to work hard enough”.

1. It assumes that only working to failure or VERY HARD is a worthwhile workout

2. It’s coming from a place of fear

Working out hard can be fantastic. It can feel amazing. And lot of people enjoy it (including myself from time to time).

But if you’re pushing yourself to failure each and every time you workout (and feeling scared in the process) - you could actually be doing more damage than good.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Nervous Before a Workout


A fancy word that means you’ve hit the wall. When you work out - you break down muscle tissue. As it repairs, it becomes stronger - which is what leads to increased fitness and strength over time.

But guess what repairs muscle?


So if you’re still sore from that killer workout you did the day before? Take a day off. Do nothing. Your body will thank you for it.


If the only workouts you ever do are Max-Burn-AMRAP-Wipe-The-Floor-With-Me workouts because you think they’re the only one’s worth doing, you’re missing out on fantastic workouts. I’m talking roller skating, hula hooping, Yoga, dancing in your loungeroom, bush walking, reformer Pilates.

Forget about the Calories In Calories Out equation and add in some fun ways of getting your body moving.

*AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible


Adrenaline is the stress hormone that makes you run faster than a tiger wanting to eat you. Cortisol is the long term stress hormone usually prevalent during times of famine and war.

If you’re constantly trying to “whip yourself into shape” or punishing your body because of that binge you had last night, your body won’t perceive your fear and shame as a good motivator. In fact, quite the opposite.

It will assume that you are in terrible danger of never eating again and begin to store fat to shield you from the famine it thinks you’re enduring.

What about the good news? The short answer?

One Reason Why Being Nervous Before a Workout Could Be Helpful

Your attitude.

Yep - once again, it all comes down to attitude.

If you believe that the anticipation / stress / nerves you have before your workout is priming your body for the challenge ahead… If you imagine that the workout ahead of you (whether it’s a challenge because it’s a competition or just because you’re getting back into exercise after a period of time) is a challenge you can not only handle but embrace with determination… If your attitude is one of courage and not fear…

Then your nerves will help you.

Don’t believe me? Let the super intelligent and oh-so-lovely Kelly McGonigal explain it in this fantastic TED talk.

Know someone that loves to workout? Be a good friend and make sure they’re approaching their workouts with the best attitude by sharing this post with them.

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Three Times Meditation Saved My Life


2004. In an exquisitely symmetrical cream and eggshell blue cottage, lived my partner and I and three flatmates.

One flatmate was into ‘weird’ food. It was the first time I was introduced to raw milk, kefir, kombucha and kimchi (all of which he made himself. Oh, except for the milk. That came from a cow).

He was the most energetic, healthy, vibrant people I’d ever met.

I, on the other hand, was facing the worst health crisis I’d ever known.

I was diagnosed with gallstones and an inflamed gallbladder. It was debilitating, agonising and it took 9 long months to finally get surgery.

One day as my flatmate worked from home and I was home sick from work, I told him I was going upstairs to meditate. I grabbed my headphones, lay down and put on a meditones CD.

After the first five minutes, I got that familiar feeling in my head. A pleasant lightness as the meditones kicked in.

After 20 minutes, I began to ‘lose time’, drifting pleasantly in and out of consciousness.

And then some time during the last track (nearly an hour later) I awoke to the sounds in my headphones. My body felt deliciously numb. I couldn’t detect where my body ended and the air began, and there was (blessedly) no pain.

Cascading neurochemicals were dumping endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in a flood of ecstasy in my brain.

I felt phenomenal.

As the track ended, I lay there, soaking in the reverie. I lazily removed my headphones and padded down the stairs.

In the kitchen, my flatmate took one look at me and said “Wow, your eyes are clearer, you’re standing taller. You look incredible”.

“I FEEL incredible” I replied.

He asked “Did your meditation do that?”



2006. You know that long drive home after you’ve been at a 3 day music festival; drinking, dancing, getting too much sun and not enough sleep?

Well, my partner and I were about an hour into it when I just started shaking (thankfully he was driving).

My body just couldn’t take it any more. I needed rest and I needed it now.

We pulled our van over and as I lay down in the back, my sweet man covered me in a soft sarong, placed headphones on me and pressed play on a meditones CD.

30 minutes later we were back on the road, cruising to our destination and a dinner date with friends. No fuss. No muss.


5 months ago. Remember recently when I had to go to hospital, for what turned out to be a ruptured ovarian cyst? And yes, it’s exactly as painful as it sounds.

With all the hullabaloo at the time, I couldn’t use meditones, so I used mindfulness techniques I had learned as I travelled to the hospital.

It kept me present, reduced my fear and made the pain seem a little more bearable.

During my recovery in the following days, meditones featured highly on my playlist.


Meditation really is a lifesaver, a game changer.

But I also know how hard it can be to meditate when you’re in pain, having a panic attack or stressed out of your mind.

And meditation shouldn’t be another thing you have to add to your to do list.

It’s why I love meditones so much. They make meditating so easy - and no, it’s not cheating.

It’s also why I’ve decided to re-release the meditones albums I made years ago.

These albums are the very ones I used in the scenarios above and they have a new home in my brand spanking new shop.

Have a look around, have a listen, and leave a review if you love them. I adore hearing about your experiences with them.

And of course, this wouldn’t be a revolution without you - so if you know someone that could use some inner peace in a instant, share this post with them. I could save their life.

Radical Renegades - Dr Libby Weaver

Moi and Dr Libby (isn't she dreamy?)

Moi and Dr Libby (isn’t she dreamy?)

There are so many fantastic renegades in the world doing wonderful, fantabulous things.

And if you’re anything like me, YOU want to know about them.

Welcome to a new segment on The Attitude Revolution where I tell you all about these great women and men.

First on the list? Dr Libby Weaver. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her last week as she gave a presentation on the ‘A - Z of Women’s Health’. It was inspiring and empowering - just the kind of thing I love.

And whilst I furiously jotted down notes and simultaneously wanted to tweet every second sentence - there was a stand out quote for me.

“Energy is a better marker of health than any number on the scale” - click to tweet

See what I mean?! Meet Dr Libby.

What She’s Famous For

Dr Libby is an expert in Holistic Nutrition. She has a PhD in biochemistry; is the published author of four books - Accidentally Overweight, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, The Real Food Chef, and her latest, Beauty from the Inside Out; and has appeared on countless TV shows and in magazines all around Australia and New Zealand.

Why She’s The Best Thing Since Raw Cake Pops

She’s whip smart and super inspirational. Dr Libby knows that education isn’t the only factor needed to break you out of your unhealthy patterns and into a life brimming with vitality. You need to feel lit up! Bam!

Plus she makes science accessible (without dumbing it down) and she has the kind of energy I just want to bottle.

Why You Should Be Fawning All Over Her Too

If you’ve struggled to understand the complex reasons why you have trouble losing weight; if you want to know more about the miracle that is your body; if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to do list; if you’re looking for answers; if you want to get your hands on densely nutritious and delicious recipes; if you want boundless energy and clear beautiful skin (hint: they’re totally related) - than Dr Libby is perfect for you.


You can get your little mits on her books, participate in her courses, and book in to see her live around Oz and NZ on her website.

And of course, follow her on Facebook & Twitter.

Know someone who needs to know about Dr Libby? Share this post with them and revel in their gratitude.


A Love Letter to the Shapeshifters, People Pleasers & Approval Seekers

loveletterImage credit: Mandy Lynne Photography

I used to think I was a sponge, absorbing other people’s opinions until I was so sodden I couldn’t move.

No original thought in my head. No unique song in my heart

There was no mental dexterity, no propulsion. Only cumulonimbi of confusion.

Sound familiar?

This love letter is for you.

Dearest comrade,

There is a chance for your unique brilliance to emerge.

The most powerful question to become exquisitely attuned to is “What do I want?”

And this ain’t no frou frou decision, no frivolous undertaking. This is raw, honest, heart cracking, spirit searching, self inquiry.

You are not a wisp or a shadow. Not a sponge, nor carbon copy. You aren’t even a reflection of those around you.

Right now, there is a kernel.

A seed of a being sequestered under layers of persona soil.

And in order to pause the influence of the shapeshifter; to halt the hand of the People Pleaser; to quiet the quest of approval being sought and to grow the seed of your true self into full bloom?

I offer you this.



No heavy handedness or self critique.

But a gentle guidance system of faultless wisdom - a homing pigeon…a satellite…magnetic north.

It begins with permission, travels through worthiness and ends in deep self acceptance.

To begin the awareness, the honouring of the sweet whispers (or even the loud bellows) of what it is that is

Even if it begins with the painful ache of “This isn’t what I want”, “This is NOT what I signed up for” or a mere utterance of “Uh-oh”.

I implore you to drop judgement. This is a fantastic place to begin. These signposts are here to remind you a way back home to yourself.

Trust them.

Trust yourself.


You really do have everything you need, right within this precious moment.

To figure it out.
To make a decision.
To walk away.
To stay.
To have that conversation.
To say ‘No Thank You’
To say ‘Yes Please’
To say ‘I don’t know’ and to leave it at that, without explanation or apology

It is ok to want to do your best. It is more than fine to care about the outcome. But let praise (for all our sake’s) be the cherry, not the sundae; the pat on the back, not the purpose; the delight but not the drive.

So claim your dreams, follow that inkling of an idea, allow yourself your needs, and revel in goddamn ecstasy.

Because you are so very worthy of your desires. You were BORN worthy.

These words are a pouring out of one shapeshifter’s heart to another; one recovering people pleaser; one (mostly) ex approval seeker. These words are inspired by my beautiful clients who are claiming back their power. These words are a reminder to myself.

With the deepest of bows to you,


PS - Do you know someone who struggles to stand tall in their truth? Be a darling and share these words of encouragement with them. It might just be the thing they need to read today.