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Frothing over the Lifestyle Transformation Guide, an interview with Jess Ainscough + a giveaway

The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide
Ahoy comrades! I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my interview with Jess Ainscough aka The Wellness Warrior.

Not only because Jess’ story is so awe-inspiring (she went from terminal cancer patient to glowing Wellness Warrior in 4 years), but also because today is the  launch of her unbelievable Lifestyle Transformation Guide. I’m seriously frothing over it!

Over the last few months, Jess has been releasing sneak peek videos from interviews she’s done with the “who’s who” of cutting edge health + wellness gurus from all over the world. Her A-list includes

  • Tara Sophia Mohr - Author of 10 Rules for Brilliant Women (an article that blew up the Huffington Post!) and all round wise woman
  • Dr Frank Lipman - Internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and Functional Medicine
  • Dr Ian Gawler - Pioneer in Mind-Body Medicine and therapeutic meditation (and a long term cancer survivor)
  • Terri Cole - Instigator of the “Live Fearless & Free movement”, coach + psychotherapist

plus heaps more. But The Lifestyle Transformation Guide is not just interviews.

As Jess herself says

It’s massive. It’s gorgeous. It’s a whole WORLD of information & support, for anyone who wants to look & feel better, heal their bodies from stress & disease, and treat themselves with absolute kindness & respect.

It’s that last part  about “absolute kindness” that really got me hooked on sharing the shizzle out of this program. I know from personal experience that kindness is the key to falling in love with yourself and releasing that negative body image. So I asked Jess about her journey and this is what she said…

Enter Jess.

1. What has been your health journey?

When I was 22 I was diagnosed with a type of cancer that was deemed “incurable” by modern medicine. My only treatment option was amputation of my arm - but this was just a band-aid. In order to save my own life, I radically transformed every aspect of it. I went from a champagne-guzzling party girl to a green juice-guzzling wellness warrior. All of my research led me to Gerson Therapy - which involved two years of hourly juicing, round-the-clock coffee enemas and a strict organic vegan wholefood diet. In April this year I reached my two year mark, but my health journey didn’t end there. All of the wisdom I’ve learnt over the past few years is now a foundation for a super healthy future.

2. How have you changed your mind about your body?

The biggest mind shift came when I decided to start being kind to myself. When I stopped doing things because I “had” to do them, and started doing them out of genuine love and respect for myself, everything changed.

3. Why did you create the Lifestyle Transformation Guide? #1 highlight during the process?

The idea for The Lifestyle Transformation Guide was born from the burn-out I was experiencing when I was doing one-on-one coaching. I had taken on too many clients and my self care and happiness was being compromised - however I didn’t want to stop coaching. So, I decided to package my program into an online format - with a few tweaks here and there. The number one highlight during the process was doing all of the interviews with the wellness experts. It gave me the chance to make so many new awesome and wise friends. That, and filming the promo video!

4. What’s the greatest transformation you’ve seen from a client?

My greatest client success story is a lady who was overweight, a heavy smoker, stressed out working way too many hours, and spending all of her time pleasing everyone besides herself. After working through all of the LTG steps, she is now a non-smoker, at her ideal weight, has glowing skin, and spends time every day on herself. She is so inspiring!

5. What would you say to inspire someone to “Change their Mind about their Body”?

Be on your own side. Start being kind to yourself. Only say nice things to yourself. Start to build the self kindness muscle, and everything else will flow from there.

6. What is your personal battlecry of love, your mantra of compassion that turns you from fear to joy?

“I love and approve of myself exactly the way I am”.

Enter Tahlee…

*sigh* Isn’t she dreamy?

So if you want in on one of the most AMAZING online transformational coaching programs I’ve ever seen - then scoot on over by clicking the beautiful button below.

The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide

Remember, The Wellness Warrior Lifestyle Transformation Guide is not a prescriptive meal plan or rigid detox menu. It is a 12-step invitation into an entirely new way of eating, moving & being in your body.


+ You are in pain — plain & simple. Whether it’s a massive wake-up call — like cancer or diabetes — or just a perpetual feeling of creakiness, irritation & exhaustion. Pain is your body’s way of communicating that it needs something different — and it’s your job to listen, and respond with love.

+ You have a MASSIVE desire to make changes, feel better & live your life differently — even if you haven’t figured out how you’re going to find the time (and commitment) to do it, just yet.

+ You’re tired of navigating conflicting information, skip-hopping around from diet to diet, starving yourself on self-destructive fasts, and feeling ALONE in your quest for real health.

+ You just want to feel GOOD! You want a life of smashing energy, conscious & wide-awake decision-making, and zero drama. You secretly believe that life is supposed to be easy. And you’re yearning to be proven right.

PLUS - If you decide that The Guide is for you, and you purchase it between 18 September – 18 October you will go in the draw to win either a Vitamix (worth $995) or one of 10 runner up prizes.

So what are you waiting for? Go now!


12 websites to help you do a 180 to your best self

Even though the internets is full of information, it’s sometimes hard to hear the signal in the noise. To find the data you’re really looking for.

Seeing as I’m a bit of a geek, I thought I’d help you out by distilling some data for you. It’s conveniently chunked into The Attitude Revolution categories for you, so you can easily find what you need. This is all affiliate free, I’m raving about these peeps because I love what they do and I hope you will too. So, without further ado, please to find 12 websites that will help you do a 180 to your best self!


DAMY Health

Amy Layne is the goddess of what I call “recipe remixes”. Every week she reveals new clean, lean recipes that are also often vegan and gluten free.

But this ain’t rabbit food. Oh no. We’re talking delicious sweet treats like Peanut Butter Brownies, or Banana Split “Ice cream” Cake, and my favourite Healthy Chocolate Cake Batter Dip.


Purely Twins

Lori and Michelle are two gorgeous Fitfluential identical twins. They run their own healthy bakery and also share a lot of vegan, high protein, gluten free recipes. These girls have had a few health problems in the past and they share their journey of healing their acne, digestion and eating disorders.

Their old blog, Pure2Raw has a phenomenal list of recipes like Raw Mini Triple Chocolate “Cream” Cake, but they still do recipes on their new site like Sweet Potato Butter & Flatbread.


The Wellness Warrior

Being diagnosed with cancer didn’t stop Jessica Ainscough from living her life of awesomeness. In fact, she did a 180 on her stressful, magazine-writing, champagne-guzzling, Lean-Cuisine-eating lifestyle and healed herself. Now she shares her incredible journey of healing, along with info about alternative therapies, amazing books & products, and interviews with healthy foodies.

Check out her incredible book “Make Peace with your Plate” and if you sign up for her newsletter, you get a free green smoothie recipe book. They look weird but lemme tell ya – green smoothies are the shiz!



The Daily Love

Feel good fuzzies don’t have to be cheesy. Let’s face it. Love, fierce love, (like the love we talk about here at The Attitude Revolution), has the power to change lives. Mastin Kipp knows that too, so he and esteemed guests share pearls, stories and strategies on how to face love and serve your highest potential. Every day. Winners like “Eat this and claim joy” & “Want success? Learn to love your weirdness”. Yesssss.


Gabi Bernstein

The author of “Spirit Junkie – A radical road to self love + miracles” and “Add more -ing to your life – A hip guide to happiness”, Gabi is a glowing testimony to the revolutionary power of love and joy. She writes, speaks and vlogs about tapping into your inner truth and happiness, and she does so from a place of authentic experience.



Awakening your soul never sounded so good when you listen to Navjit Kandola’s soothing and profound guided meditations. Her Monday Mindfulness series is sublime with strategies such as “A way to end Heartbreak” and “A moment for myself in silence”. No whale sounds, no chanting, just you being guided to your inner truth.



Danielle LaPorte

She describes herself as kick-ass spirituality and combines seemingly paradoxical concepts (like love & cash) into scintillating nuggets of wisdom. Danielle is an authentic, no BS, firestarter. Her book, The Firestarter Sessions (check it out in the Revolutionary Resources section) is a practical no-nonsense guide to “creating success on your own terms”.

Over at her digital temple (don’t call it a blog!) you can read her jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring words like she’s your personal cheerleader. Pom-poms for the soul like “Are you hanging on by a thread”.
Oh and be sure to check out her “Credo for making it happen” video. Like, every day.


Tiny Buddha

Although Tiny Buddha was founded by Lori Deschene, the site is really a conglomerate of contributions by the community at large. (Can you tell I love alliteration?!) The topics are plentiful but the central theme is ‘ancient wisdom for modern times’ and really boils down to how to live a grounded, compassionate, joyful life.

Because each writer is sharing their own experience, the stories are relatable and the advice non-preachy. My faves include “When to rest or push harder” and “8 tips to celebrate your growth“.


Zen Habits

Leo Babauta is one clever & chilled out dude. Originally a blog about productivity, his site is now dedicated to how to live a life of awesomeness through healthy habits, minimalism and peace. Leo has a wonderful way of breaking down seemingly insurmountable or complex tasks into simple daily routines of mastery. My all time favourite post of his is all about self love. Read why it affects everything and then browse through his other insightful messages, like “The Pause upon which all else relies” and “The Compact Guide to creating a Fitness Habit”.



The Great Fitness Experiment

Charlotte Andersen blends insightful personal experience with the latest science on nutrition, fitness and wellbeing. Her book “The Great Fitness Experiment – One Year of Trying Everything” and her own popular site of the same name is pretty much what it sounds like. She takes the latest fitness fads, workouts and nutrition advice and tests them on herself and her “gym buddies” with interesting results and hilarious overshares. Also check out her fitness routines like this MMA training plan on Shape.com


Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina are the darlings of fitness. Beautiful, inspiring and fun. They have over 200 YouTube videos and the majority of them are workouts. Yes, free workouts that you don’t need a lot of equipment to do like the Mali Booty workout and Under The Sea. Win!

If you still wanna workout but the internets are down (the horror), they also have the Beach Babe DVD which contains 7 different workouts including a yoga routine.


Zuzana Light

If the thought of running for hours on a treadmill bores you to tears, then you need to HIIT it. That’s High Intensity Interval Training and Zuzana is the queen of HIIT (and hearts).

Every week she uploads a new ZWOW (Zuzana’s Workout of the Week) for you to try. But be warned. Her workouts look simple (usually only a few moves and all bodyweight), and they’re short, but they pack a punch. They’re intense. High Intense. Like this one.


What about you? What sites have helped you that you wanna rave about? Share them in the comments.

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