Moment to Moment - A Mindfulness Mixtape

Moment to Moment Mixtape from attituderevolution on 8tracks Radio.

Some of you may know already that I used to be a musician. What you might not know is that I ran a business writing meditation music for 8 years.

And then I took a break.

For four long years.

I didn’t write any music in this time. I worked full time in a corporate job. I didn’t have time to be creative. I didn’t have any reason to. What was the point? Everything worthwhile had already been written by people far more professional and clever than me.

Some days I didn’t think about it.

Some days I really hurt. Badly.

I had an existential crisis. Who was I if I didn’t create music? What if I could never do it again? Did I even WANT to? Yes. No. I don’t know.

I was scared and apathetic all at the same time.

The power of music has often overwhelmed me. Many a time have I been reduced to tears, moved so thoroughly by a song’s beauty.

Not that long ago, I felt the familiar pull of music. A calling to reclaim my passion. But I wasn’t really sure how I would do this.

Through an incredible course called Playing Big that I’ve been doing for the last 6 months (which gave me the courage to open up my Attitude Coaching practice) I finally found a way to rekindle my artform.

Words cannot even begin to express how exciting this is.

You may have already heard some of my tracks here and here. And lemme tell ya - there will be more where that came from!

In the meantime though - I thought I’d share a mixtape I made for you with an incredible new app called 8tracks (handcrafted internet radio? hello time waster inspiration!)


Where words fail, music speaks. - Hans Christian Andersen {click to tweet}

This mixtape celebrates my love of mindfulness, meditation and really amazing musicians.

Please to enjoy.

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