Happy International No Diet Day!


Remember when I got fed up with the diet industry and wrote this post about losing the weight loss obsession and the internet exploded?

Well, my beautiful friend Mel from Five Words designed a cool infographic poster (below) PLUS a poster of the whole blog post.


Now, whenever you need some inspo to help you ditch the diet and reclaim your life back - all you need to do is turn to your wall.

These A3 posters are now available from my Cafe Press web store. They’ll be printed on beautiful stock and posted directly to you.

And not a moment too soon - because today is International No Diet Day! {Technically in the Southern Hemisphere it was yesterday but hey - let’s celebrate it ALL year round, I say!}

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with body yuck and self loathing. We are constantly bombarded by messages that we aren’t good enough.

International No Diet Day is a day to celebrate the magnificence of our bodies without deprivation, calorie counting or purging. A day to forget the weight loss obsession - even if it’s only for one day.

Because the more you celebrate INDD, the more likely you are to make it every day. The more you make it every day, the more inner peace you’ll have. And the more inner peace you’ll have - the more global peace there will be.

Pretty meta, huh?!

I truly believe that the most important rule of the 10 rules for weight obsession loss is Number 10 - Replace the obsession. We really do need to cultivate a more loving, peaceful world. But it starts with each and every one of us cultivating a more loving and peaceful inner world. And you can’t do that when you’re hung up on your body and full of shame.

Remember - check out the beautiful posters that Mel has designed. And share this post with everyone you know. Eating disorders and self loathing are often shrouded in shame. You might not have any idea who is struggling, and you just never know who’ll you be helping out.

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