With Roots You Blossom


In nature, it is so clear that an uprooted plant will wither and die. Unless you gently place it back in the earth and tend to it’s needs.

Humans are no different.

You need a daily grounding practice in order to come home to yourself, and feel confident and comfortable in your skin.

The taller / bigger / more expansive you want to grow, the stronger and deeper the roots need to be.

I know in my life that any time I’ve blossomed is when I’ve connected to my roots. To my power.

Ritual and routine help a lot. Now that I’m back on the path of entrepreneurship, I’ve found that having a certain amount of routine in an otherwise uncertain week, can help me stay present. In his incredible book, Uncertainty, Jonathan Fields calls these rituals ‘certainty anchors’.

They are grounding experiences to which you can always return, no matter what’s going on. Their consistency makes them effective tools to counter the anxiety that comes not only from living in uncertain times, but from embracing endeavors that ramp uncertainty even higher.

One of my certainty anchors is starting the day out with a healthy breakfast and my Pilates stretches. I know it will happen every day, and gives me the confidence and flexibility (both physically and mentally) to move forward with my day gracefully.

But even more than little rituals or every day routines - present moment training has helped me blossom the most.

Practices like mindfulness, diaphragmatic breathing and meditation quell the anxiety and reconnect me to my power.

Before I go to sleep at night, I listen to a meditones track. It’s very reassuring and keeps me in the flow. But if I forget one night, the days that follow aren’t nearly as nice. Something feels ‘off’ until I remember “Oh yeah, I need to meditate!”.

As Ishita Gupta (founder of Fear.less magazine) put it:

Unless you have something that brings you back to your core every single day, it’s going to be hard on the journey.

Ironically, ‘stuckness’ is a sign that I’m not grounded. I’m rooted in a different way, in every sense of that word.

When thoughts are swirling, emotions overwhelming and chaos reigns supreme - there is no way I’m grounded in the present moment. I’m too busy future tripping and so full of self doubt that decisions, let alone actions, become impossible.

Sound familiar?

The thing is, once you’ve become grounded mentally, physically and emotionally – life expands. Consciousness lifts and possibilities abound. - click to tweet

This is key to losing the weight loss obsession; to releasing shame; to progression; empowerment, confidence and clarity.

I’ve found a theme in the clients that I’ve coached.

They’re not just feeling stuck around eating issues or weight gain or a lack of self love. They’ve become disconnected from their power.

This is why I’ve done an overhaul to Attitude Coaching.

It’s now called EmpowerMentoring.

And it’s all about helping you connect back to your internal power; to get you unstuck and ground you in your truth.

If you’re seeking more clarity or confidence; self love or a sense of safety; or even just the ability to look in the mirror and smile - I encourage you to come check out EmpowerMentoring. I would LOVE to work together so you can blossom to your most fullest, kick-ass potential.

Whatever is holding you back right now, I guarantee it is because you’ve become disconnected from your power. From your roots.

Get out of your head and back into yourself. Into your body. Into the present.

Breathe, exhale and watch yourself bloom.

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