The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace: An interview with Tara Bliss

The name says it all really. If you’re a party girl who is totally over the self loathing and the hangovers, but aren’t quite sure how to get more peace in your life then this interview is a much watch.

Tara Bliss (yes, that’s her real name) from Such Different Skies has created an online sanctuary and multimedia program to help you transition from vodka to vitality in 6 weeks.

{NB: Clickety-click through to see the video. Try to ignore my strangely jaundiced forehead. It’s a fabulous interview!}

The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace truly is a one of a kind program. There isn’t anything out there quite like it so I highly encourage you to learn more about it here. And let your girlfriends / sisters / daughters know about it. This is one to share!

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"Each session left me feeling bright, light, calm and excited." - Natalie