How to silence your inner critic (Part 1)

This is pretty much an exact conversation between my Inner Critic and my Authentic Self. Holla if it sounds familiar!

IC: Excuse me

AS: Hmm.

IC: Excuse me.

AS: Yes. What is it, I’m working.

IC: Look at her. Look at that girl over there.

AS: Yeah?

IC: She’s prettier than you.

AS: So?

IC: So. Just saying is all.

IC: Look, there’s another one. Ohmygod, look at her, she is smoking. God I wish we had legs like hers.

AS: Can you just shut up! I’m trying to get this done.

IC: Why?

AS: Because it’s important.

IC: No I mean, why are you bothering? There’s all those other people who’ve already done it and they’re way better at it than you are. See! They’re really popular, and beautiful and funny and gorgeous and skinny and popular. People love them and hardly anyone even knows who you are, you can’t compete with them. They’ve ALREADY DONE IT.

AS: *Sigh* I feel like what I’m doing is really important, because I want to help people connect to their truth, like others have helped me. I’m trying. I really am.

IC: But you’re not good enough yet, you haven’t even lost heaps of weight. You still struggle with food, you still binge sometimes, you don’t workout enough EVEN THOUGH you work as a PT, you’re not walking your walk when you’re talking your talk and people will see straight through you. You’re a sham, a charlatan and you’re not even skinny, so how can you even talk about being healthy!

AS: GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I am outta here!

*watches Once Upon A Time whilst eating bag of crispy M&Ms*

*Days pass. Speaks with very lovely and understanding, insightful therapist.*

IC: Excuse me.

AS: Hello.

IC: Hi. Watcha doing?

AS: Writing a blog post.

IC: What?! What the hell! I already told you not to bother because people aren’t going to…

AS: (with firm kindness in my voice) Stop.

IC: Eh?

AS: (soothingly) It’s ok. Come here.

IC: Pardon?

AS: Come over here?

IC: What’s that?

AS: A hammock.

*crickets chirp*

AS: I made it for you. Go on. Lie down in it.

IC: Why?

AS: You’ll see.

IC: Hmm. *swings gently* This is…this is fun.

AS: Yes. Now take a deep breath.

IC: Mmmm, it’s quite soothing.

AS: Yes.

IC: But what about your work? You’ll need someone to check it. I mean, you won’t get anything done if I’m not there.

AS: Shh. It’s ok. I’ll look after it for a bit, you just chill out.

IC: You sure?

AS: Positive.

Stay tuned, next week I will reveal a more detailed strategy on how to deal with your inner critic when they’re getting on your nerves.

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