30 day Feel Damn Fine challenge


In my hometown we’re swiftly moving into summer, and all the usual BS around “Get your body beach ready!” abounds. To be honest, I’ve caught myself slipping into this mentality a bit too – thinking “Oh noes, summer is almost here, I better lose a few kilos”.

But rather than go on any kind of diet, exercise kick or cleanse to try to shed any extra weight, I thought I’d take on a challenge of a different nature.

A challenge that was filled with kindness, feeling good and positiveness.

And rather than keep it all to myself, I thought I’d share my challenge with you and invite you to join in.

It’s called the 30 Day Feel Damn Fine challenge – after my post “Mastery of Feeling Damn Fine Every Day” – and it will be a month filled with simple, joyful activities to help you feel on top of the damn world.

Take a few minutes to watch the video above where I’ll explain everything in a bit more detail. Then jump on over to the Facebook page to declare “Hell yes, I’m in!”

If you’re on Twitter and / or Instagram – tag your tweets and photos with #30xfeeldamnfine

Let’s build our tribe. Invite your friends to join in too.  Let’s support, motivate + inspire one another to live our best life.

Here’s to feeling damn fine.



PS - a couple of quick notes about what this challenge is NOT.

It is not a challenge so you can lose weight.

It is not a challenge to add another thing to your to-do list. Choose small sustainable activities that you like to help combat daily stress.

It is not a challenge to feel guilty about. If you forget /become too overwhelmed to do your activities for a few days, just jump in again when you can.


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