Feeling Damn Fine? Me too.

Greetings comrades! Wow, 30 Days has gone like that *snaps fingers*

One month ago, I posted the 30 Day Feel Damn Fine Challenge. It was a way to incorporate little daily feel good activities based on the Feel Good Framework.

30 Days later, I feel fantastic and I hope you do too. Above is a little video where I share some of my insights (so make sure you click through if you’re reading this via email or a reader app).

The Challenge was based on the 4 Attitude Revolution Categories and here are the results….


Beginning: Daily Green Juices

End: Daily Chinese Herbs

Outcome: The challenge helped me feel better about having a limited diet due to allergies, and helped me commit to taking my medicine.


Beginning: Morning pages

End: Still doing ‘em

Outcome: Doing these daily helped me start the day off in the right mood


 Beginning: Doing Pilates stretches + core strengthening exercises each morning

 End: Still committed to reformed Pilates classes 1x week + a daily routine

Outcome: My back has never been better!


 Beginning: Repeated out loud every day

End: It’s still echoes in my mind any time I feel frantic and calms me down

Outcome: Affirmation really DO work (but you have to practice them)

Overall, this challenge has made me even more positive, resilient + calm. So feeling Damn Fine every day really is possible, it just takes a few simple self-loving rituals + a bit of practice.

Hands up if you’d like to do this challenge with me again in the New Year? Head over to the blog and comment “For shiz” if you’re in.

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