Transform overwhelm to ease with this One Tiny Phrase

Have you ever felt restricted by the thought of being on a diet?

Does the idea of finally being released from its suffocatingly small choices back into pleasurable food fill you with anticipation?

When I finally had the “duh-doi” moment of realising good health was a lifelong journey and not something that was limited to 12 weeks of an all out slog of exercise and a diet overhaul, it was liberating.

I could relax into it more, because it became about the small, everyday changes that changed my attitude towards one of sustainable, nurturing health. I never had to “diet” again!

But here’s the thing.

An ironic and contradictory thought popped into my head.

Oh no. I had to be healthy every day for the rest of my life!

The eternity of that realisation became the new challenge. Instead of now feeling like I never had to diet again, I felt like I would be on one forever.


The One Tiny Phrase

Even when one of your core desires is to feel strong, healthy and whole, the daily tasks of carrying it out can feel like a grind. That feeling of being overwhelmed can be transformed into ease with one tiny phrase. Rather than letting your mind unravel toward the future, this phrase lasso’s you back into this very moment. It helps you focus on the things you can do, right now, to make the nurturing, loving, healthy choices that will bring you joy.

Just for now.

Just for now, eat the food that brings you joy.

Just for now, show up for that workout.

Just for now, rest if you truly need it.

Just for now, breathe.

[ps - This post was inspired by Imogen Heap's beautiful song "Just for now"]

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