And when you’re connected to that power, you can

+ Say no without disappointment

+ Say yes without guilt

+ Take time for yourself without feeling selfish

+ Eat well (even without a diet)

+ Feel calm, comfortable + confident (yes, even sexy)

+ Acknowledge your accomplishments


+ Move forward with the work you’re called to do.


You’re not ugly

You aren’t weak

You’re not out of control, insignificant

… or even alone.

You just want to like what you see.

But the secret to a great body image?

Isn’t having a great body.

It’s feeling great about the body you have.


Sure - you want to be fit and healthy.

Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting to look good.

Problem is, you’ve felt the emptiness still inside after you’ve lost weight before (which is SUPER FREAKIN’ annoying when you worked so hard for it).

Because a body makeover is nothing without a mind makeover.

When you combine the pursuit of health and hotness with the pursuit of internal fortitude?

Your confidence is…


Say Hello to EmpowerMentoring: 

A one-on-one support service for binge eaters + body haters who are ready to end the war they’ve waged on themselves and personify their power.

So they can recognise their true reflection.

And smile at it.

I mean really smile.

Like, transform your grin-and-bear-it grin into a furiously happy smile.

EmpowerMentoring helps you:

+ Feel comfortable in your skin (without having to lift a finger)

+ Take charge of your eating, like a boss

+ Tap into your own wisdom (it’s in there, I promise)

+ Socialise gracefully and own the room

+ Declutter mentally and access clarity

+ Feel relaxed and easy like a Sunday morning (and now you have that song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.)

+ Lose the weight loss obsession

and most importantly…

+ Become the Generalissimo of your life (because you know you were meant for greatness).

Bottom line: You finally get to feel at home inside yourself, instead of like a stranger in your skin. You might drop some kilos, but more importantly you will have dropped the dead weight baggage of self loathing that has held you back all these years.

What you get:

  • One thirty minute complimentary Skype consult - to see if EmpowerMentoring is really right for you.
  • Four consecutive weekly Skype / phone call coaching sessions that combine warm conversation with guided daydreaming to help you tap into your own truth. Because your own answers are more powerful then any advice I could ever give you.
  • A free mp3 of ‘Allied Forces’ – a 10 minute music track that contains a sonic hack called ‘meditones’ (a scientifically proven aural phenomenon that makes meditation effortless simply with a pair of headphones). This process will accelerate your progress and help you get your inner peace on in between sessions.

Why not begin claiming your power with your complimentary consult?

Let’s go!

Who I Am


I’m Tahlee, a qualified musician, a qualified Personal Trainer, and exceptionally qualified in transforming self loathing into self love.

Because I’ve done it myself. Or rather I’m still doing it, because self love is not a place or a milestone. It’s an ongoing feeling to be cultivated.

Ex body hater originally obsessed with ‘healing’, I am now radically committed to coming home to myself. To shine a light of awareness onto all the dark, hidden, shadowy parts of myself with love and compassion. To find solace and calm within my most authentic self.

And to show you how you can do the same for yourself.

Stuff that lights my fire includes neuroscience, resilience, environmental sustainability, kindness, success, joy, movement, and wisdom (yes, I’m a total geek!)

Plus I get a MASSIVE kick from having and witnessing epiphanies, and composing music that brings beauty and peace into the world (minus the whale sounds).

What I’m Not

Ain’t no therapist, I won’t ask you to “lie down on the couch”. Not interested in delving into your deep, dark past. More interested in what’s keeping you stuck now, and giving you a loving, helping hand out of the trenches.

What We’ll Do, Together

Talk, laugh out loud, cry (maybe), imagine, get fired up, laugh out loud (what can I say, I’m pretty funny), get you on your way.

What say you? Are you in?

Final thoughts if you’re on the fence

Can I just say, I get it. Committing to yourself is no small feat.

Clearly you’ve thought about this deeply (hey, you’ve gotten to the end of the page!) If you’re still not sure whether EmpowerMentoring is right for you, here’s what I suggest.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath.

Let all the information you’ve just read melt away and check in with your body. How does it feel right now?

If there’s a sense of curiosity but nervous anticipation, hey, that’s fine. It means you care about the outcome. (Me too).

If there’s a sense of something’s just not feeling right, then wait. You may need a day to process it all. Or maybe your right thing is just around the corner.

Overall, if your body feels good deep down, then comrade - go ahead and let’s have a chat.