Why we want you to join The Attitude Revolution


This is a revolution invoked and inspired by love. It’s a drastic, fantastic and super bombastic 180 degree turn away from hate and fear, towards love and joy.

I know you’re frustrated. You wish you were thinner, stronger, more toned. You know you should eat better, but you don’t and you don’t know why. Tried dieting, that didn’t work. Joined the gym, quit 6 months later. You’re feeling overwhelmed and miserable.

It’s ok. There is a simple path to relief.

Change your mind about your body.

You don’t need a perfect body to be happy.

You do need to be happy to know you’re perfectly enough.

A positive emotional connection between your mind and body is crucial for sustainable joyful health.

You choose the right food for you. Losing and maintaining your weight becomes effortless. You enjoy moving your body. You have comfort and control.

And you have the freedom to live your authentic life of awesomeness without obsessing over the number of calories or the numbers on a scale.


  • How you feel matters (mood), and
  • What you eat matters (food), plus
  • How you move matters (do), and importantly
  • What you think matters (attitude)

But I’m not here to tell you exactly what to eat, how to move, or even how to think or feel.

The Attitude Revolution will give you practical and heartfelt strategies to lead you to your inner truth. It’s already there, waiting to be discovered.

You’ll also be able to share your stories and solutions; discover new recipes and new ways of moving; and you’ll connect with a tribe of people all around the world who share a common goal with you. To be part of a revolution of love.

Rise up comrade and join us.


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